Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slight Detour.....

Here we are spending the night in Tokyo!!!!
Yes, I said Tokyo, Japan.

We were stuck in Chicago on the airplane for over two hours.....ugh!
I guess there was some 'mechanical issues'!!!

We finally took off knowing that we would miss our connecting flight in Toyko.  I called Kate, our case worker to let her know of our little...ummm.... dilemma. I was mostly concerned about reaching Emma, our guide, who was suppose to meet us at the Guangzhou airport tonight.  I have already contacted her to let her know about our situation and to give her our updated flight information.  We depart from Tokyo at 9:45am and arrive in Guangzhou at around 2:30pm.  Good thing we weren't planning on getting Avery until Monday afternoon.....

Let me tell ya..... as soon as we walked off the airplane this evening, we have been totally and completely taken care of!!!!  The 'airport people' were waiting for us.  I mean really, waiting for us. They were so kind, efficient and very apologetic!  Since there were no more flights to Guangzhou, we had  to spend the night here in Japan. One of the airline employees walked us to the immigration and baggage area, made sure we understood what to do, apologized once again, and wished us well. Everyone at the airport was so very nice and friendly.  It was very easy for us to get our baggage, find our shuttle, and head to the hotel.

We like this hotel.  It is somewhat reminds us of the seventies.  I know, I know.... I am dating Dave and me, but remember we were only kids in the 1970's!!!  We received a free dinner which was very yummy!!!  (BTW, I have eaten entirely way too much today.....even the food on the airplane was good.)  We also will receive a free breakfast tomorrow!!! Not too bad!!!!!  And again, I must emphasize how accommodating and friendly everyone here at the hotel has been to us as well!!!!

It's been an eventful day, but not a bad one.

At the moment both Faith and Dave are fast asleep.

I am still hoping to Skype with Shea before I hit the sack!!!

I know y'all are just waking up.....


Good night from Japan!!!!!!!


  1. Sherry, Megan, and I would like to wish you guys the best of luck this week. It sounds like you are off to a great start. Enjoy Guangzhou, it is a nice city, and I am sure that Avery won't mind your little delay.
    Today is Megan's fourth Brithday Party, so we will celebrate for you guys too.

    Once again, congratulations, and megan says hi.

  2. So sorry that you had this unexpected layover! Hopefully everything will go off without a hitch and you'll be in China with lots of time to spare before your meeting with Avery. I'm sure Tokyo is fun to visit also, even briefly!

  3. Chris,
    Praising the Lord He took care of you during some tough times. Enjoy Japan! Even the retro hotel!

    Yes, keep praying for us and yes, you may be right about "what you are thinking?" :) (My Wordless Wednesday) God has to move huge mountains for us to move on and we KNOW and BELIEVE He can! Praying for you!

  4. You and Faith didn't look like weary travelers at all in your picture! How did you manage that?? :) Praying for a safe arrival in Guangzhou today! Happy travels!

  5. Have fun on your short stay in Tokyo! We used to live there and it is one of my favorite cities in the world. I know you will not be able to see anything but at least you can check it off on your "Places I've Visited" list! LOL!

    Have a safe flight in the morning... not long now!


  6. I'm sorry you got delayed, but what an awesome attitude you have!
    Can't wait to see pic of the new little one!

  7. Chris -
    Sorry about your delay! Maybe the extra rest in between won't hurt, though.
    I didn't realize Avery was in Guangzhou, or that you were getting her Monday afternoon. Abby is there too, and that's our gotcha time. Are you going to Civil Affairs for her?????
    If so looks like we'll possibly be there together....... : )