Sunday, September 23, 2012

And so it begins.....finally!

Yesterday, my hubby was around for the whole day!

We got down to some serious business.

Ummmm, adoption related serious business that is.  ;)

On Friday, we received a packet from a social worker......with a lot of forms and questionaires to fill out.

This is what we did for our whole Saturday morning.

We needed lots of coffee, and lots of morning type foods....just sayin'.

It was such a good feeling to get this first part done!

We also finished up our agency application form.  We are going with Lifeline this time.
It is so cool to be with an adoption agency who asks you to write out your personal testimony of faith.

I am so grateful to be at this point in our adoption journey.
I am so thankful to all of our friends and family who have lifted us up in prayer, walked along beside us as we fundraised, generously donated to our adoption fund, and who have bought Wild Olive Tees, which by the way we are still selling.  :)

(   Click on the shop tab, then go to adoption fundraiser tees, pick a really cool tee, and enter BERINGER 524)

We are so ready for the next step!

Bring it on!

Oh, and there is this added bonus to all this paperwork that I should mention....
It is truly a bonding experience for Dave and me.
We get the chance to talk about our families, the way we were raised, re-examine how we parent and Shea and Avery get a chance to be a part of this journey and observe the kinds of things we did to bring them home.

Kinda cool!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Archer Time!

My 'Archer Time' is on Thursday and Friday mornings.

I get to hang with my grand-baby today!  Yay me!

Of course, I wanted to take some pics of this sweet baby boy.

Here is his initial reaction.

"Really, Mimi???"

"Oh yes, little one.....get use to it!  You can'r run, and you can't hide from this crazy, picture-taking, mimi of yours."

Soon, I was able to coax some smiles.....

Here's the 'warm-up' smile.

Getting his groove on.

This is my favorite one.  Too bad it's blurry.  :(

'Kay....all one.

The end.