Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alabama Vacay......


posting about our summer vacation down in Alabama.

We stayed in Golf Shores.  We rented a house with our son-in-law's family.

It's been over two weeks since we've been home.

This morning Avery told me how she missed Alabama.

The beach.
The pool.
Our family time together.

Made me realize that I really need to write a post with pics!

First day on the beach.

The girls loved it!

Archer enjoyed his morning nap.

The adults embraced the idea of chillin'....

The kiddos.....playing.

And testing out the water....

We would do the beach thing in the morning.

Then would get ready to head back to the house for some lunch.

After lunch and some relaxing, we would head to the pool.

(Rough, I know!)

Then for the next 5 days.....

We went to the beach.

Took "our" morning nap.


Rest time.


 ("someone" is crabby....what a surprise.)


Last night in Gulf Shores.

We took a stroll on the Boardwalk.

We had a lovely sand-filled, castle building, water-loving, family bonding kind of vacation.

We definitely enjoyed ourselves.

Good-bye Golf Shores, Alabama.

We certainly miss 'you'!