Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {My Oldest & of course, The Littles}

My oldest child, who I guess is really not a child anymore, has been hanging out with us since this past May.

He {finally} graduated from college....after 51/2 years...but, hey....who's counting!

We (especially Shea & Avery) are very glad he is home!

The Littles love their oldest brother, and he can't seem to get enough of them!

He was away at college when we brought Shea home, and also when we brought Avery home.

I think he is trying to make up for some lost time!

He loves cuddling with them, he loves hearing all their 'stories'....he enjoys watching them dance & listening to them sing!

They love when he watches "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" with them, and they love playing with his i-phone!  They love 'fixin' him up & giving him shots when they are playing Doctor Shea & Nurse Avery!

They have an easy-breazy type of relationship!

He is always laughing at them....or should I say with them. Because as he says, "They are so darn funny!"

And of course, they do their best to make him smile and laugh!  ;)

He is always telling me how cute they are, how sweet they are, how much he loves them!!!

They are always wondering where he is, what he is doing, and why he isn't at home....
with them!

(He currently has two part-time jobs that I might add have nothing to do with the degree he recently earned.)

A couple of weeks ago, he decided to go back to school....

He graduated with a tele-communications degree....with the hopes of working in the news....broadcasting, producing, editing, filming...anything...
(Kind of a tough business to break into....even in the best of times.)

He started out pursuing an Education degree....way back when....

I believe he would be a very good teacher!

So, he is hoping to go back to his former college in January to get that second degree....


Just when we all got use to him being around! 

Ni Hao Y'all

Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School

(Well, yesterday was the first day of school.  I was experiencing some technical difficulties with my computer I had to wait until today to post about it!)

Yep, that first day of school has crept up once again!!!

My Littles were pretty excited....well, at least one was.

Shea: Super-duper over the top could hardly wait for the first day of school excited!!!

Avery: Excited only because Shea was!

My little Kindergartner....

All ready for her day to begin!

As I was getting ready to leave her classroom and proceed to Avery's,
Shea whispered to me that she was actually nervous.....
I think the reality of this day had suddenly hit her!

We both got teary-eyed, embraced each other one more time....and then I promised her that I would be back at 2:45pm.!

As I walking out of her room, she was already bossing instructing one of her classmates as to where the puzzles were suppose to go.  Sigh.  That's the Shea I know and love!!! :)

Next up:  Avery!

Don't let this happy face deceive you into thinking all went well....

As soon as she and I walked into her classroom, she glued herself to my body.  I mean, I was walking around the classroom with her arms & legs wrapped so tightly to me that I didn't even need to hold her!

Apparently, she did not want to be in school!

Her teacher was able to coax her into letting go of me....yay!.....and had her 'sign' in, put away her things, get a puzzle, and lo and behold, Avery was having a good time!  Puzzles are one of her favorite all was well in her immediate world!

When I picked up Avery 2 1/2 hours later, her only complaint was that she didn't get chocolate milk!  Actually, no one got milk.....but, for some reason Avery just thought she should have chocolate milk!

We picked up Shea at 2:45pm.!
She had a very good day.....she talked my ear off!  Telling me every detail!   No complaints from her!

However, she was surprised that I picked her up "so early".

She thought Kindergarten went until supper time.....

Awwww, poor baby!  No wonder she was nervous this morning!

*And even though Shea & Avery are my fourth & fifth children....this day was somewhat difficult for me also!

It is always hard....that first day of school....

Especially now that I know how quickly the years really do fly by!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {A Special Bond}

My mom came for a visit this past weekend.
She lives several hours away....
It is always a treat when 'Grandma' is around....
We do the usual...

Talking for hours...trying to catch up with everything in her my life...

The Littles vying for her attention.....wrestling to get on her lap.....telling her stories.....covering her kisses!

Watching movies.

Ya know...just regular 'stuff'.

But, then there is this:

A very special bond....
'A Grandmother/Granddaughter' type of thing going on!

These two have always had a close, fun-filled relationship.
They are actually quite a lot alike.....

They both love to laugh.

They both enjoy silliness.

They are extremely passionate,
Are not afraid of standing up for what they believe in,
Vocal with their opinions,
A fighter for the under-dog,

Loyal to a fault,
Extremely forgiving,
Compassionate, giving, & loving.

Somewhat bossy....

But, always in a good way!  :)

These two....I tell ya!

I love 'em both to pieces.....

I am proud to be smack dab in the middle of them.....

My mother....and....
My {oldest} daughter!

What a pair!

I am blessed!

Hop over to Stefanie's....

Ni Hao Y'all

And, join in the fun!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Side by Side

This is what I 'caught' my Littles doing the other day:

One little girl just kicking back....

listening to music...

swinging her feet.....


The other little girl....

organizing the shoes in her closet!

My a nutshell!

Avery seems to be very....shall we say....'creative'.....(?)
She likes singing & dancing & all things girlie!

Shea is very analytical and structured!
She will organize anything and then re-organize again and again....achieving perfection!

Two very different personalities so perfectly blended!

I love how God works!

BTW, the red shoes Avery are wearing....
They are the shoes she had on when we first met her in China a little over six months ago.
These are the same exact shoes she refused to take off....for days....she even slept in them!

They are very important to her. She loves wearing them...especially when she is....ummmm, relaxing! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ugh! NOT that question....again!

Are they {Shea & Avery} you know, real....I mean, true....ummmm.....

Are they biologically related????

Why oh why, does this matter?????

I mean, really?????

My first response to this question (which I did not vocalized, but was thinking)....

Not everyone who is born in China is {biologically} related!!!

My second  response....(again not vocalized)....

What do you {then} consider me to be to them?  Real???  True????  Pretend????

My third response....(vocalized)....because my darling little girls were watching me with big ole eyes....wondering what I would say.....wondering how I would respond....

I was feeling perturbed!
I was feeling defensive!
I was feeling offended!!

But, how were they feeling?

What is my responsibility to them....?
How can I show them Jesus....AT.ALL.TIMES????
What is my responsibility as a Christian???

I swallowed hard....
Put on a {sweet} smile....

And {nicely} responded with the following:

"Shea and Avery are not biologically related...but, they are sisters none-the-less!!!!!

The person, who I believe, realized the weird miss-said question.....replied with:

"Well....ah,....of course they are."

The girls and I talked about 'this conversation' at home.  They really didn't have a lot to say....for the time being.  Shea said that some people just don't get adoption....(I love this child!)...and just shrugged her shoulders...

Me, well, I don't get!!

It is a weird question! Why is that question relative?? The biology thing really has no effect on Shea & Avery's sisterhood!!! Why do people have to focus on that???

My husband gets my anger concern.  He gently said that the person was just curious....probably doesn't know that would be offensive to ask....maybe doesn't have a lot of experience with adoption.....

True, true....(deep breath)....

'Curious'...hmmm,....maybe the person could have asked the question differently....
Maybe if the question was phrased like this:

"Did you adopt your girls at the same time?"

Then I could have said we adopted Shea when she was 26 months old and that she was born in the west of China and further explained we adopted Avery six months ago and she was born in the south of China.
Then this person {hopefully} would have known that they are not biologically related.

I don't know, maybe I am being over sensitive????
Shea and Avery know that they each have a first mommy....

They know we are a family made through adoption....

*deep sigh.....pondering this all....

Maybe the thing that bothered me the most were the adjectives used in the question:



What about y'all? How would you respond to that kind of question? How have you responded to that kind of a question?

I am just venting....ya know... just "preachin' to the choir"! :)Thanks!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I 'forget' you....with a side of peanut belly!


Lately, Avery (who has been talking really non-stop) has been expressing the following sentiment:

It's okay, Mom....I forget you!

When I gave to Avery, Shea's lunch plate and gave to Shea her lunch plate....

I  forget you, Mom.

When I ummm, pulled Avery's hair a little too tightly into a pony tail....

I forget you, Mom.

When gave Avery crayons instead of marker....

Yep, you guessed it.

I forget you, Mom.

I always respond with thanking her for FORGIVING me.

She says....

No problem, it's easy to forget you!

Say what?

Then to top it off....
Yesterday I offered Avery a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch.

She said:

No thanks. I just want a peanut belly sandwich.

Then she starting laughing hysterically!!!

I mean, a peanut belly & jelly sandwich! 

Oh? Got it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {On the Lake}

A few weeks ago, Faith, Shea, Avery & I went 'down south' on a train (for eight hours) to visit my son, Scott & his lovely wife, Stephanie.

We stayed at their adorable home, ate some very scrumptious meals, and altogether had a wonderful time visiting & just goofing around!

However over the weekend, we got to do this!!
And, when I say 'we'....ummm, I mean 'they'!

 Yes, Shea does look a little nervous!

 So, we thought 'we' would slow things down a bit for Avery!

Scott.... showing off his moves!!!

The Littles were lovin' the water!
In the lake....

And in the pool!
With their hero!

Next day, 'we' thought 'we' would try something a tad bit more daring.....
Knee-boarding!  (insert nervous laughter by me!)


Actually, I was fine with it. For the most part!
No really, I was fine.

Especially since my Littles were in the capable arms (or should I say capable shoulders) of Stephanie's dad, Matt!!!  He is amazing, and I have now elevated him to Sainthood!!!

Just look:

Pre-game chat.

Getting started.....

Feeling a little apprehensive.....

 Hanging on tightly....ummm, maybe a little too tightly.....

That a girl, Shea!!!!
You rock!

Post-game smile!!!

Up next....Avery!

Matt suggested that Avery should *simply* hang onto his hair......
Thus the adventure begins.....

 Getting started....hands firmly entwined in Matt's hair.

 Quick change to Matt's chin.

Leg adjustment.

 Hands back to the top of Matt's head.

 A quick knee to the chin.

 'nother leg adjustment......

 Back to the top of his head......

Look closely,
She finally decided to place one hand on his head and
one hand on his face!

What a stinker!

Just to let y'all know and understand...! did Matt let go of Avery!
He never fell....
Kept his balance the whole time!
I'm not sure how he did it? 
With all those...ummm,
However, he is very good at this sport!!

But, like I said....above:

Oh yeah, I did go into the water....
did some swimming....
did some tubing....
ABSOLUTELY NO SKIING for this scaredy-cat!

Yep, that's me in the water....

Yep, that's how my hair looked....probably.all.weekend.long!!!

C'mon and join the fun....

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Ni Hao Y'all