Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Side by Side

This is what I 'caught' my Littles doing the other day:

One little girl just kicking back....

listening to music...

swinging her feet.....


The other little girl....

organizing the shoes in her closet!

My Littles...in a nutshell!

Avery seems to be very....shall we say....'creative'.....(?)
She likes singing & dancing & all things girlie!

Shea is very analytical and structured!
She will organize anything and then re-organize again and again....achieving perfection!

Two very different personalities so perfectly blended!

I love how God works!

BTW, the red shoes Avery are wearing....
They are the shoes she had on when we first met her in China a little over six months ago.
These are the same exact shoes she refused to take off....for days....she even slept in them!

They are very important to her. She loves wearing them...especially when she is....ummmm, relaxing! :)


  1. How sweet that Avery is still attached to her China shoes. I'm sure you will save them for her as a keepsake.

    I am like Shea with organizing my closet... and I'm a CPA. LOL. Accounting is a good profession for us analyticals!

  2. How cute, love the pictures of Avery relaxing.

    I've been working on my closet and I may need Shea to come and help me organize, she sure did a great job!

  3. Oh how funny! They remind me SO much of my girls...especially at clean-up time! :)

  4. I love how Avery holds unto something special from China. Cute!

    I must say I am a organizer like Shea too! I understand her completely! :)

  5. Awww, love the red shoes! I had no idea that kids would voluntarily organize things in their closet...nope...no idea....boys umm....yeah, kinda don't do that. Now developing a pulley system off of the rod to launch dirty socks at a target they drew on the wall with permanent marker, THAT I get. But organizing? Really?! They do that?! -sigh- How lovely. I wonder if it's too late to go the girl track on these adoptions? :)

  6. I love those candid, quiet moments! And not just anyone could pull off those red shoes, but she does it well!

  7. Sweet post. My boys are compliments of each other too.

  8. Oh my goodness has Avery's hair gotten so long! I bet you thought I don't follow your blog :)

  9. My Lottie loves to help me organize and Emma is often just doing her own thing...singing to herself or her dolls. I also love how different they are but yet so much the same. What a sweet post:)

  10. Uuhh, can I borrow Shea to come organize MY little girls' shoes???? 'cause neither one of them has that "structure" thing you're talking about. And they have about 30 pairs of shoes between the two of them. We need some help!

  11. Aren't girls grand!!! I cannot imagine my boys just quietly listening to music (singing at the top of their lungs while playing air guitar and slam dancing maybe) or organizing anything much less reorganizing!!! Hehe!! Gotta love girls and yours are just too cute:)