Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I 'forget' you....with a side of peanut belly!


Lately, Avery (who has been talking non-stop....like really non-stop) has been expressing the following sentiment:

It's okay, Mom....I forget you!

When I gave to Avery, Shea's lunch plate and gave to Shea her lunch plate....

I  forget you, Mom.

When I ummm, pulled Avery's hair a little too tightly into a pony tail....

I forget you, Mom.

When gave Avery crayons instead of marker....

Yep, you guessed it.

I forget you, Mom.

I always respond with thanking her for FORGIVING me.

She says....

No problem, it's easy to forget you!

Say what?

Then to top it off....
Yesterday I offered Avery a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch.

She said:

No thanks. I just want a peanut belly sandwich.

Then she starting laughing hysterically!!!

I mean, a peanut belly & jelly sandwich! 

Oh? Got it!


  1. LOL! Love it. When the twins were younger they used to call it Pinky Butter Jelly, and to this day we still make Pinky butter jelly sandwiches. I think when they are 35 it will still be Pinky butter. Too sweet Shea!

  2. Oh she is absolutely precious...I love these phrases and sometimes wish they wouldn't change:)

    The other night Emma said, "Mom, I accidentally want to snuggle with you" (I think she meant "actually") So sweet:)