Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {On the Lake}

A few weeks ago, Faith, Shea, Avery & I went 'down south' on a train (for eight hours) to visit my son, Scott & his lovely wife, Stephanie.

We stayed at their adorable home, ate some very scrumptious meals, and altogether had a wonderful time visiting & just goofing around!

However over the weekend, we got to do this!!
And, when I say 'we'....ummm, I mean 'they'!

 Yes, Shea does look a little nervous!

 So, we thought 'we' would slow things down a bit for Avery!

Scott.... showing off his moves!!!

The Littles were lovin' the water!
In the lake....

And in the pool!
With their hero!

Next day, 'we' thought 'we' would try something a tad bit more daring.....
Knee-boarding!  (insert nervous laughter by me!)


Actually, I was fine with it. For the most part!
No really, I was fine.

Especially since my Littles were in the capable arms (or should I say capable shoulders) of Stephanie's dad, Matt!!!  He is amazing, and I have now elevated him to Sainthood!!!

Just look:

Pre-game chat.

Getting started.....

Feeling a little apprehensive.....

 Hanging on tightly....ummm, maybe a little too tightly.....

That a girl, Shea!!!!
You rock!

Post-game smile!!!

Up next....Avery!

Matt suggested that Avery should *simply* hang onto his hair......
Thus the adventure begins.....

 Getting started....hands firmly entwined in Matt's hair.

 Quick change to Matt's chin.

Leg adjustment.

 Hands back to the top of Matt's head.

 A quick knee to the chin.

 'nother leg adjustment......

 Back to the top of his head......

Look closely,
She finally decided to place one hand on his head and
one hand on his face!

What a stinker!

Just to let y'all know and understand...! did Matt let go of Avery!
He never fell....
Kept his balance the whole time!
I'm not sure how he did it? 
With all those...ummm,
However, he is very good at this sport!!

But, like I said....above:

Oh yeah, I did go into the water....
did some swimming....
did some tubing....
ABSOLUTELY NO SKIING for this scaredy-cat!

Yep, that's me in the water....

Yep, that's how my hair looked....probably.all.weekend.long!!!

C'mon and join the fun....

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Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Oh my, what FUN! And I do think Sainthood is appropriate for that man... amazing!!
    Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!!
    Happy Sunday :)

  2. Isn't it nice when Littles have a Hero!?!
    AND a Saint, oh my! he is wonderful!!!
    And Mama, I must say, you are brave to 'let go' of your Littles and trust the Hero and the Saint.

  3. How FUN!!!! I used to ski "back in the day." Don't know if I'd be doing anything other than swimming though nowadays :)

  4. That is AWESOME!!! I'm not sure other little girls their age could top those stories...what great memories & confidence-builders!!

  5. Great pictures Chris! Lots of fun!

  6. Great snapshots! Love seeing the sport in progress! Yes, what a man to keep his balance all the while! Impressive!

  7. Looks like ya'll had a great time, big brothers are so awsome!!

  8. That looks like an absolute blast.
    And I will borrow that saint anytime he's available to give scared little girls a lift!!!!

    Jim and the kids used to go tubing all the time in TN, but I always had to stay with the little guy. He's getting bigger, and I'm going to run out of excuses soon....

  9. That looks like fun! I've missed our lake days this summer. We got a few in June before Walter's surgery, but that's all.

    I am so impressed with Avery and Shea's bravery. My niece is 7 and there is NO WAY she would have done that. And Matt, yep, definitely sainthood!

    What a fun day!

  10. Looks like SO much fun! I love the lake! And all the crazy water sports it involves! ;)

  11. Looks like a really fun visit!! Your girls were BRAVE and that Matt seems very sweet.

  12. That looks like a complete blast! And you also got such great shots - I'm impressed!

  13. Oh my!! What FUN! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. The pictures are great. I hope you can join us at the lake Labor Day. Miss you! Love, Michelle