Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {A Special Bond}

My mom came for a visit this past weekend.
She lives several hours away....
It is always a treat when 'Grandma' is around....
We do the usual...

Talking for hours...trying to catch up with everything in her my life...

The Littles vying for her attention.....wrestling to get on her lap.....telling her stories.....covering her kisses!

Watching movies.

Ya know...just regular 'stuff'.

But, then there is this:

A very special bond....
'A Grandmother/Granddaughter' type of thing going on!

These two have always had a close, fun-filled relationship.
They are actually quite a lot alike.....

They both love to laugh.

They both enjoy silliness.

They are extremely passionate,
Are not afraid of standing up for what they believe in,
Vocal with their opinions,
A fighter for the under-dog,

Loyal to a fault,
Extremely forgiving,
Compassionate, giving, & loving.

Somewhat bossy....

But, always in a good way!  :)

These two....I tell ya!

I love 'em both to pieces.....

I am proud to be smack dab in the middle of them.....

My mother....and....
My {oldest} daughter!

What a pair!

I am blessed!

Hop over to Stefanie's....

Ni Hao Y'all

And, join in the fun!


  1. Awwww, how sweet! My kids have the same bond with their Grandma.

    I just saw all your kids on your side bar. You have an adorable family!

  2. Children that still have grandparents that are involved in their lives are so blessed! I know b/c I still have grandparents myself & feel so fortunate to have that relationship! Very sweet pics!!

  3. Here's to mothers and daughters! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fun!! And how great that she doesn't live too far away!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

    I cant wait to write that check for AOW when we get our refund!!!

    I would love to make you one of those bracelets!! Let me know. I do necklaces too!!

    You can email me via my blog. Or just post another message! :-)

  6. There is something about the love between a Grandmother and her Granddaughter... is so... special... and it makes us Mama's hearts melt! What a wonderful gift... to have a Grammy for a friend!

  7. What a BLESSING those two are to each other, I am certain :)
    Wonderful pictures of two generations... just need YOU in there!!

  8. What a special bond. I loved my grandma's but never had that close of a bond with them. What a blessing!

  9. What a sweet sweet relationship! A treasure for you and for them!
    Thank you for sharing and blessing MY day! Praise the Lord for mommas and grandmommas! ;)
    Laine Ferrill

  10. That is so sweet. I love how you tell they goof around together too.

    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment. (How is it I haven't been by here before? - I'll definately be back!)

    Have a great week!

  11. Oh that's SO sweet!! I had a wonderful relationship with my Grandma too :-) I was the spoiled girl!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  12. I hope the Tongginator has such a special bond with my mom when she's a teenager!

  13. My mom was also here this weekend, what a blessing she is in my life! Thanks for sharing this post and the pictures, they made me smile!

  14. What a wonderful post! With Grandma! Love the photos SO VERY MUCH!

  15. Oh Chris...what a beautiful tribute to Mom's and Grandma's!!!!! I miss my Mom so much but I am thankful for modern technology so she can love on us from afar. What a special relationship those two have....what a blessing.