Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School

(Well, yesterday was the first day of school.  I was experiencing some technical difficulties with my computer I had to wait until today to post about it!)

Yep, that first day of school has crept up once again!!!

My Littles were pretty excited....well, at least one was.

Shea: Super-duper over the top could hardly wait for the first day of school excited!!!

Avery: Excited only because Shea was!

My little Kindergartner....

All ready for her day to begin!

As I was getting ready to leave her classroom and proceed to Avery's,
Shea whispered to me that she was actually nervous.....
I think the reality of this day had suddenly hit her!

We both got teary-eyed, embraced each other one more time....and then I promised her that I would be back at 2:45pm.!

As I walking out of her room, she was already bossing instructing one of her classmates as to where the puzzles were suppose to go.  Sigh.  That's the Shea I know and love!!! :)

Next up:  Avery!

Don't let this happy face deceive you into thinking all went well....

As soon as she and I walked into her classroom, she glued herself to my body.  I mean, I was walking around the classroom with her arms & legs wrapped so tightly to me that I didn't even need to hold her!

Apparently, she did not want to be in school!

Her teacher was able to coax her into letting go of me....yay!.....and had her 'sign' in, put away her things, get a puzzle, and lo and behold, Avery was having a good time!  Puzzles are one of her favorite all was well in her immediate world!

When I picked up Avery 2 1/2 hours later, her only complaint was that she didn't get chocolate milk!  Actually, no one got milk.....but, for some reason Avery just thought she should have chocolate milk!

We picked up Shea at 2:45pm.!
She had a very good day.....she talked my ear off!  Telling me every detail!   No complaints from her!

However, she was surprised that I picked her up "so early".

She thought Kindergarten went until supper time.....

Awwww, poor baby!  No wonder she was nervous this morning!

*And even though Shea & Avery are my fourth & fifth children....this day was somewhat difficult for me also!

It is always hard....that first day of school....

Especially now that I know how quickly the years really do fly by!!!!


  1. Beautiful girls! I love the coats. Was it really cold enough for them there?

  2. LOVE their dresses!

  3. What a beautiful day! Shea sounds like my Tallie. We had Open House yesterday and as all of her friends came in to meet me, SHE took over and told them all about me and the classroom! Gotta love that girl! I kindly reminded her that I was the teacher and all she had to think about was being a kid and having fun. God bless her she's trying. That's all I can ask for! Have a wonderful school year!!

  4. Sweet girls! Will Shea have to have the head gear for her cleft? We are just finishing up with the head gear and are moving on to the BONE GRAFT! UGH! I just asked because her and Lilly are the same age, and her upper jaw looks much like Lilly's used to. It is unbelievable how different she looks after wearing it only 6 months! Its a pain though!

  5. Awww, so sweet!! Sounds like a really good day... all in all!! Except the chocolate milk part ;)
    Hope mama is doing okay!!

  6. Oh, my! I'm glad you all survived (and thrived!) during such a fun and tough day. Last year? I cried!

  7. Ohh, I can't believe the first day of kindergarten! Shea looks so ready! She will be a star I'm sure! Wow, what on earth did you do for 2 1/2 hours? What a big step for Avery too. They are both going to have lots of stories to tell you everyday! Miss yall!

  8. They look so sweet in their dresses!