Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {My Oldest & of course, The Littles}

My oldest child, who I guess is really not a child anymore, has been hanging out with us since this past May.

He {finally} graduated from college....after 51/2 years...but, hey....who's counting!

We (especially Shea & Avery) are very glad he is home!

The Littles love their oldest brother, and he can't seem to get enough of them!

He was away at college when we brought Shea home, and also when we brought Avery home.

I think he is trying to make up for some lost time!

He loves cuddling with them, he loves hearing all their 'stories'....he enjoys watching them dance & listening to them sing!

They love when he watches "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" with them, and they love playing with his i-phone!  They love 'fixin' him up & giving him shots when they are playing Doctor Shea & Nurse Avery!

They have an easy-breazy type of relationship!

He is always laughing at them....or should I say with them. Because as he says, "They are so darn funny!"

And of course, they do their best to make him smile and laugh!  ;)

He is always telling me how cute they are, how sweet they are, how much he loves them!!!

They are always wondering where he is, what he is doing, and why he isn't at home....
with them!

(He currently has two part-time jobs that I might add have nothing to do with the degree he recently earned.)

A couple of weeks ago, he decided to go back to school....

He graduated with a tele-communications degree....with the hopes of working in the news....broadcasting, producing, editing, filming...anything...
(Kind of a tough business to break into....even in the best of times.)

He started out pursuing an Education degree....way back when....

I believe he would be a very good teacher!

So, he is hoping to go back to his former college in January to get that second degree....


Just when we all got use to him being around! 

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Your son sounds like a wonderful man, I bet your real proud of him.
    And what a blessing for your little girls to have such a fun and loving big brother!!

  2. Any man that'll watch Miss Spider is a GOOD man indeed!
    Gorgeous family!

  3. You can tell those littles really look up to their big brother! How fun for them to have him around!

  4. so sweet! We love big brothers!! He will be missed by two beautiful little sisters!!

  5. What a sweet big brother! I sure hope that my sons still want to come by home when they are so "growny" ;) I am sure that Shea & Avery cherish the time & attention!!

  6. Oh I love this!! This is so sweet he likes to spend time with them. Even when we are away at College having fun we miss our family!
    My boyfriend is also studying to get a tele-communications degree. I must add it's a HARD career to study!

  7. Older siblings are such a blessing! I am spoiled b/c my 2 oldest commute to college, but I know it won't be long before they are out on their own. It's a bittersweet thing!

  8. So sweet to see your "littles" with their big brother! My grandparents added two more children to the family after my Mom and her older brother were grown, and the bond between the older kids and younger kids is AMAZING! It looks like your family is experiencing the same blessing!

  9. Sounds like the girls have a great big brother. Doesn't it just melt your heart to see them enjoying each other despite the age differences?

  10. It's a tough time right now to be a recent grad. Less than a year ago, Fortune magazine suggested doing exactly what he's planning to do - go back to school because it's more productive during such an economic shlump than holding down a part-time service job. Your oldest is SMART, except for the fact that he'll be making his momma miss him.

  11. Sounds like he's on a real journey...and so are you as Mom!
    (clicked over from nihaoyall) -- come check it out!

  12. There's nothing like an older brother!

  13. Enjoy your time with your son and your gorgeous 2 little ones! They look like they have a very special relationship!

  14. Soooo sweet! I loved learning more about your oldest... he sounds like the best big brother on the planet!
    Great to hear he's home... even if just for a while :)