Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Snapshot {Shea-Day!}

Five years ago,  a most amazing thing occurred......

I became the proud momma of a very remarkable little girl!

 From the very first second I saw her, my heart was hers!


A child!

She is brave.

She is strong.

She is sweet.

She is feisty.

She is passionate.

She has a heart of gold!

Happy "Shea-Day", my darling daughter.

You have rocked my world!  

Thank you!

All my love ~ forever!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puppy cute!

My son, Scott, came for a was home for a visit last weekend.

It is always so good to see him.

But this time, I was very anxious to meet his new puppy:

Penny Lane!!!

Isn't she a-dorable????

She is a 3 month old Vizsla.

Penny, who also responds to:




As well as, Penny Loafer....

is so cute.

Definitely sweet.

And, very intelligent!

Oh, we had so much fun with her.  Oh yeah.....and Scott, too!

Miss you both!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random {Baby} Talk

We've been talking a lot about the "baby".

Faith's baby.

Shea is occasionally some-what excited about the prospect of becoming auntie.

Avery is over-the-moon excited!  She simply can not wait for Faith and Jon's baby to arrive.

It's gonna be a while....

In the meantime, we have been dwindling the days away with some very interesting conversation.

Some tidbits below:

Avery:  I can't wait to have a baby grow in my tummy.
Me:       Well, of course you have to wait until your married.
Avery:  Yes, Mother.
Shea:     I can't wait until I adopt a baby.
Me:       Well, of course you have to wait until your married.
Shea:     Really?

Avery:   Mom, I wish I grew in your tummy.
Me:        I know.
Avery:   Let me see what it is like....
Me:        How?
Avery:   I'll just stick my head under your shirt.

Shea:     Why is everyone so excited about {this} baby?
Me:        Why not?  Babies are so cute and sweet and....
Shea:      Ummmm, no!  They are annoying.

Avery:   I hope Faith's baby is a girl.
Shea:     I hope it doesn't cry a lot.

Avery:   Mom, do you wish you knew me when I was a baby?
Me:        Oh sweetie, you bet I do.
Avery:   Me, too.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Snapshot {the bassinet}

Went shopping the other day.....

For this:

Because of this:

Yes, my darling daughter, Faith, is having a baby!

 A B-A-B-Y!

This bundle of joy is due to arrive in late July.

So, I thought it was time to buy Faith (and the baby) a bassinet.

We had a lot of fun shopping.

Of course.

We went to the big mall.....several hours away......and made a day out of it.



More shopping.

Happily, we found what we were looking for.

A 'traditional' bassinet with a modern twist.

(My, how baby things have changed in the past five years since we adopted Shea!)

This {traditional} bassinet not only plays eight classical pieces of music, it also vibrates and provides four 'soothing' nature sounds.

Birds chirping
Gentle rain
Crickets chirping
Frogs croaking (?)

I guess, time will tell if they are indeed 'soothing'.

My husband graciously agreed to put the bassinet together.  (Faith's husband, Jon, was at drill.)

The Littles graciously agreed to 'try it out' with their dollies.

I mean, they are going to be 'Aunties' now.  They are taking this role quite seriously.
Gotta make sure the bassinet is up to snuff for the new baby.

Looks like everything is A-okay!
Got the 'mommy-approval'.  :)


A baby???


How does this happen?

Well, I do know how this happens.

But, really?

How does this happen?


Yeah, that makes me a....gulp.....grandma or something?


I'm saving that concept for another post!

In the mean time, I am just so stinkin' excited and proud.

My baby is having a baby!!!


How does this happen????

Sunday Snapshot

Thursday, February 9, 2012

After school {snack}

We I  am not usually a healthy eating snacky type of person.

I should be.

I am working on it....

But, my Littles...

They seem to naturally gravitate towards healthy food choices.


This is what they desire for an after school snack:


That's right.

Pickles and tomatoes.

Definitely NOT my choice.

I am more of a chip & dip gal....but, I digress.

These two munchkins......

are lovin' these here snack-a-roos!

Shea prefers pickles.

Whereas, Avery prefers "baby" tomatoes.

Oh, the sweet joy of it all!

My healthy snack eating girls.

Perhaps I should follow their example.  (?)