Thursday, February 9, 2012

After school {snack}

We I  am not usually a healthy eating snacky type of person.

I should be.

I am working on it....

But, my Littles...

They seem to naturally gravitate towards healthy food choices.


This is what they desire for an after school snack:


That's right.

Pickles and tomatoes.

Definitely NOT my choice.

I am more of a chip & dip gal....but, I digress.

These two munchkins......

are lovin' these here snack-a-roos!

Shea prefers pickles.

Whereas, Avery prefers "baby" tomatoes.

Oh, the sweet joy of it all!

My healthy snack eating girls.

Perhaps I should follow their example.  (?)

1 comment :

  1. Oh I am so the chip and dip gal as well!! Hoping my children will continue to eat better than I do too!!:)