Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random {Baby} Talk

We've been talking a lot about the "baby".

Faith's baby.

Shea is occasionally some-what excited about the prospect of becoming auntie.

Avery is over-the-moon excited!  She simply can not wait for Faith and Jon's baby to arrive.

It's gonna be a while....

In the meantime, we have been dwindling the days away with some very interesting conversation.

Some tidbits below:

Avery:  I can't wait to have a baby grow in my tummy.
Me:       Well, of course you have to wait until your married.
Avery:  Yes, Mother.
Shea:     I can't wait until I adopt a baby.
Me:       Well, of course you have to wait until your married.
Shea:     Really?

Avery:   Mom, I wish I grew in your tummy.
Me:        I know.
Avery:   Let me see what it is like....
Me:        How?
Avery:   I'll just stick my head under your shirt.

Shea:     Why is everyone so excited about {this} baby?
Me:        Why not?  Babies are so cute and sweet and....
Shea:      Ummmm, no!  They are annoying.

Avery:   I hope Faith's baby is a girl.
Shea:     I hope it doesn't cry a lot.

Avery:   Mom, do you wish you knew me when I was a baby?
Me:        Oh sweetie, you bet I do.
Avery:   Me, too.



  1. Those are precious moments! I'm glad our girls can rejoice in the different ways God sends little bundled blessings