Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wild Olive Tees....the fundraiser!!!

I LOVE Wild Olive Tees!!!!  In fact, I am slightly addicted....(ahem) to theses amazing tees!

That is why I am so excited to be partnering with them to fundraise for our bring home our third little one from China.  We are also partnering up with our good friends, Mandy and Joel as they fundraise to bring their second child home from Ethiopia.  This is so much fun!!!  All proceeds from our Wild Olive Tee fundraiser will be split evenly between our families.  Make sure you check out our new blog, Perfect Love, where we together are posting about our fundraising and our journeys to our kiddos.  :)

This tee shirt thing is a win-win for everyone.

For real!

You get an amazingly tee.....and are helping bring home our children!


Plus, We would be eternally grateful for your support!  :)

Just click here.....and away you go!

You will need to enter our family code *Beringer524* in both the coupon box and comment section.

Thank you so much!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

{Father's Day} day late!

My kids are so blessed to have this man as their dad!

And to think in a few weeks, he will be a grandpa!!!

(But first, checking to make sure there isn't any food on the belly.....for some reason my husband had to check his belly as well!!!  lol)

Here we go!   A clean.

Happy Father's Day, my dear!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Some thoughts on our first fundraiser....

I finally posted on my other blog, Perfect Love.

The idea is to journal about our third adoption as we fundraise with our friends who are adopting for the second time from Ethiopia.

We want to use our experience as we fundraise to {hopefully} help someone else.  :)

Check it out.

If you have any advice or helpful hints,  please leave us a comment.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perfect Love...Unafraid!

It's been a l-o-n-g, l-o-n-g year (or so) of prayer.

Many discussions.

Lot's of questions.

Too old? (I say never!)

Can we afford it?  (Can we afford not to?)

What about our family dynamic?  (The more the merrier.)

Is this really God's plan for our family????
Is God speaking to my heart? Or am I just 'hearing' things?  Being emotional? Not thinking clearly?

Some people would {gently or not so gently} use the word CRAZY!!!!!  ha!

Over a year ago, I approached my husband.
Told him I felt we had another child waiting for us in China.

He said pretty concisely: NO WAY!

I asked him to pray about it.

Thus began a very prolonged journey......

A journey that would stretch our faith.
A journey that would challenge us.
A journey that would unite us.
A journey that would humble us.

A journey to our son!

Yes!  We are hoping to go to China and bring home {our} son!!!!!

I can hardly believe I am even typing this!!!!!

We did have a bunch a people praying along side of us!  Thank know who you are.  ;)

But wait!   There is more.....

We will have to do some fundraising for this adoption.
This was and is the humbling part for us.
Humbling!  I say.
My husband was not a big fan of this idea.
(It is hard to ask for help.)

We prayed.
We want to honor God.

We realized that this road of adoption is not about us.
It is about our child.
It is about trusting God.

This is the thing.
I have a child in China.
I will move heaven and earth to get to my child.
What mother wouldn't?
I will humble myself.

I will trust God!

God's timing is Perfect.
As usual.

Our dear friends, Mandy and Joel, are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia for the second time!
They need to fundraise as well.


The timing. Perfect. God inspired. Definitely.

We are teaming up.  We are fundraising together.

Kinda cool, don't ya think?

We wanted to try to fundraise in a different way.......with a different focus.

Most of our fundraising will be geared towards our community.  We are also hoping to bring awareness about adoption to our community as we fundraise.  We want people to ask lots of questions.  We want to educate, provide answers, and supply resources.

Our big and lofty goal????

To raise more money than we need.


We want to create a fund of some sort.....(not exactly sure what this will look like but believing God will show the way) offer financial assistance to other families who would like to adopt.

We want to pay it forward.
We want to honor God.
We want to glorify God!

Mandy and I, together, have a blog.  (She created it!)  (Awesome work, Mandy!!)

Perfect Love....Unafraid.

Together, we are chronicling this fundraising adventure.

Check us out!

Check out her blog, too!

Our first fundraiser:

A colossal garage sale.


I will be blogging about that real soon!

For now, will you please cover us in prayer?

I am excited....slightly nervous....not too much....just a little.

Deep breath!

This is God inspired.
His hands are all over this!

"There is no fear in Love, but perfect Love casts out fear...."
1 John 4:18

Oh yeah.

Mandy and I have partnered up with the Wild Olive Tees to raise funds for our adoptions.

How can I not???

I love their tees.

I love them!

Info is on my sidebar.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Baby Shower....Dr. Seuss Style

Can hardly believe that my baby is having a baby.


Seriously, I am over the moon thrilled.

Can hardly wait to welcome Baby Archer into this world.

So in preparation....

And extreme anticipation.....

We had a baby shower.

Dr Seuss style.

Man oh man,  this was so much fun and so stinkin' cute!

(Yes, the baby's room is done is Dr Seuss as is completely adorable....can hardly wait to post the pictures.....but I digress.)

Look at the cake, y'all.

Faith's mother-in-law made sure this cake was just perfect.  :)

And it was.

Can you say Red Velvet yumminess???

And look....

At the Dr. Seuss quote.


Oh, 'we' can't forget about the blue punch in blue baby bottles that Faith wanted ever so badly.

(Must have been some kind of a craving.....)

The 'jury' was split.

Only five and a half more weeks......

But hey, who's counting???