Thursday, September 30, 2010

A budding photographer?????

The other day as I was sorting through my photos, I came upon a set of pictures that I somehow....
missed. overlooked.didn't realize I had. hmmph?

I am quite embarrassed to say that I didn't even know that Shea had hijacked taken my camera...

These pictures must have been taken over the summer....

What do y'all think?

Can you tell that she has an older sister, who very often take these ummmm, self-portrait type of pictures?

Wow!  I am completely surprised that our family room was even clean for this 'photo-op'!

Interesting take on our kitchen chair.

Can't forget about 'Edward' the beta-fish. Oh, that little piece of pink paper has Edward's name on it.....Shea thought it was important to have his name displayed.

This daughter of mine just cracks me up!!  :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Be Her Hero

An Orphan'sWish

Be Her Hero

Over the next 6 weeks, An Orphan’s Wish will be featuring four of our very special children that need sponsors. We need your help to help spread the word to others about all we are doing to improve the lives of special needs children in China.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Her {Chinese} Name

Shea likes her Chinese name.

In fact, she loves it.

Fu Hua

She especially loves to be called Hua-Hua!

She likes the way it sounds....
She likes that it was what she was called when she was a baby still living in China....
She likes what it means....Flower or possibly Lucky Flower...maybe Blessed Flower (???)

(I certainly am no expert on Chinese names, but this translation is based on what I was told by our coordinator while in China adopting Shea. Plus some of my friends, who are Chinese, have implied this meaning as well.)

Bottom line, Shea likes her Chinese name.
She likes it also when I say her full name: Shea Emily Hua!

Avery does not like hers AT.ALL!!!

Zu La

My understanding is that Zu La is very unusual.  Quite a few of my {Chinese} friends were scratching their heads over this name.....However, the general consensus was that it means Charming.
(I would have to totally agree...
My Avery is completely charming!)

Many times over the past seven months since she has been home with us, she has firmly indicated that she doesn't like to be called by her Chinese name.  I would ask her why.  She would just shrug her shoulders. And say that she is

Okay then!

When I call Avery by her full name: Avery Lyra Zu La....she wrinkles her nose and tells me that is not her name!

"I am just Avery!"

Okay then!

There are times when Shea wants to be addressed by her Chinese name and wants Avery to be addressed by her Chinese name as well.

Avery wants nothing to do with this!

No way!
No How!
Not happening!

Shea gets frustrated with her....not that Shea is bossy or anything....! Ha!

This is the interesting thing about how Shea & Avery initially responded to us when we used their Chinese names shortly after meeting them:

When we were in China adopting Shea (back in February of 2007), she would not respond to her Chinese name.  Ever!  She immediately embraced Shea as her name.  I would try calling her response.  I would try response.  Even Hua-Hua didn't work. (This nick-name was highly recommend by her foster parents.) Only Shea would do.  Hmmmm....

For Avery, it was the exact opposite. While we were in China this past January,  she absolutely would not even consider acknowledging 'Avery' as her name.  Every where we went, she would tell people her name was Qing Zu La.  And that was that!

Within four to six weeks after arriving home, she was allowing us to call her Avery.  She began responding to Avery.  And then eventually began calling herself Avery.

The other night, Shea was in her 'Chinese name' mode.  She was just loving having us all call her Hua-Hua.
I tried to get Avery in on the 'fun'.  I told her how pretty her name is and how much I love her name....

Zu La

We all tried.

She kept shaking her head no.

She told us not to call her Zu La.

She told us she doesn't like that name.

As always, I asked her why...

This time she had an answer.

It took my breath away.


Then quietly she added....

Barely above a whisper....almost missed by all of us....

"No one loved Zu La....."

to be continued....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday {in a blink of an eye}

I just couldn't resist......

She was so little....

And, so stinkin' cute!

Even three years ago, her silly self was quite evident!

Oh, how the time flies....

Where did my baby go???

Off to kindergarten....
That's where she went...!!!!  How dare she?

She is starting this new phase of her life...this school phase....

And, trust me when I say...

"Hold on y'all....
You're 'baby' will be graduating from high school in a blink of an eye!"

As we come to a close of 'our' first three weeks of school, I am feeling somewhat melancholy....

Our paths only entwined a mere three years ago....
She already had a history...
A previous life...
Previous experiences....
Situations, circumstances, choices, or lack of choices, brought us together....
Allowed me to become her mother...the mother who gets to raise her....
To love her....always!
To teach help comfort nurture her....
To accept her completely.

I feel like she has arrived at this point of her life (beginning school) way!too!fast!!!

It seem like yesterday that she was this chubby, little two year old baby!

Oh, how the time flies!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow! I guess I have been a little busy lately.....


Just a tad...although I am not complaining one.little.bit....

I am just explaining.

I do love to blog, but lately this activity of mine has taken a back my busy life.

It makes me sad.

I miss reading all of your blogs....
I miss your bloggy friendships.

I just need to get 'my groove on' and get organized with my new....ummm, activities in life.

First of all...
I am teaching again!
Just a little...but, enough to keep me busy preparing lesson plans and grading papers.

I teach two 8th grade Language Arts classes every day from noon until 1:30pm.

I love, love, love teaching middle-school age children.
They keep me young.
They keep me humble.
They keep me smiling!

I am gratefully involved with An Orphan's Wish!
This is truly one of my greatest joys in life.
I get to 'work' with a bunch of great women and (more importantly)...the children.....I get to witness first hand how {through} sponsorships their lives are impacted and improved and enhanced....I get to witness first hand how they are loved and cared for by the compassionate caregivers at An Orphan's Wish!  I get to witness and rejoice and celebrate when surgeries and rehabilitation treatments are successful!  I get to witness first hand when a child is adopted!
O the joy of it all!

A pretty much the most demanding adjustment of all....

Having two little ones in school again!!!

Shea is at school all day. (Kindergarten)
Avery is at school in the morning for 2 1/2 hours. (4k)

Lots of running around and picking up....
To say the least!

Hey, I am just excited that I was able to manage writing this post!  Ha!

My goal:

FOLLOW AND KEEP A SCHEDULE (probably would help if I made a schedule)

Anyway, like I said...
I am not complaining or even (heaven forbid) whining...

I'm just explaining my lack of posts...

Missing y'all and hoping to do a better job of staying in touch!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Packers & Popsicles}

Apparently, today is the official start of the NFL season.  More importantly the beginning of Packer season!

What does that mean for our household????

Total obsession!  Not for me. Not for the Littles.  Can you guess? 

It's the guys! 

My husband and my oldest son!

Here are the items needed for the game - 'The Essentials'

The hat.

The seat. (with the intense look)

The shirt. (At least for the first half of the game....)

The socks. (Yes, 'we' have Packer socks!)

The computer.  (For continual football updates & statistics)

Popsicles. (For the Littles)
That is Pre-game popsicles!

Shea and Avery get caught up with the football enthusiam in the house....

They enjoy watching their daddy and older brother...ummm, 'enjoy' the game.

They like to cheer with them and always come running when a Packer touch down is scored.

Lots of high fives, hugging, and dancing!

But this football enthusiasm (on their part) can only last so long.

Where are they now?

 Playing 'kitchen' & 'dollhouse'.

The guys???

You know where they are.....glued to the TV watching the game.


This is the time I can pretty much do anything!

Take a nap.
Go shopping.
Set my hair on fire! (just joking)

Hopeful outcome....

Of course, this!

Happy Sunday!!!

Ni Hao Y'all

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look what I get to do!!!

I get to volunteer at An Orphan's Wish!!!

Truly, I am humbled and grateful that I can be part of such an amazing organization!

I have left a big part of my heart in China!
China is where Shea and Avery were born!
They have a history there....

Because of them, China will always be a part of my life....and I embrace that!

Somehow, I know that China is not done with me yet!
I am not really sure what that means....I am waiting on God.... in the meantime.....

I get the supreme privilege and honor of not only working with a bunch of incredible women....

But, I get to 'work for' a bunch of adorable children!!!

Several months ago, Stefanie, the Ni Hao Y'all lady, (who also, btw, is the US Director for An Orphan's Wish) figured out the perfect 'job' for me. 

I immediately fell in love with this opportunity!!

I get to thank {some very wonderful} folks who become sponsors to one of our little darlin's!
I get to 'meet' all kinds of really cool people.
People who love children!!!
People who want to help children receive the care and love that every child has a right to!
I even get to 'meet' people who live in Australia!!!  Who say things like cheerio, g'day, and mate to me via email!!
How cool!
(I know I am kind of a dork like that!)


The real reason for this post?????

How about you???

Are you looking for a way to impact a child's life?

Is there a little part of your heart in China???

An Orphan'sWish

We at An Orphan's Wish are currently working real hard to get 100 {new} Sponsors in 100 Days!!!

We began this effort in July.....we have until October 17th to achieve this goal!

Right now we have 39 NEW sponsors!!!!
We need a 'tad' more!

Would you consider becoming a sponsor?
Would you like to become involved in our 100 Sponsors in 100 Days effort?
Please feel free to contact me at
(Cuz, y'all know how much I love 'talking' and getting to know people....).

If you become a sponsor during this time, you get a super cute tee-shirt, a button for your blog, (or Face Book) and the chance to impact a sweet little one's life!!!

Just look at all these cuties!!!

An Orphan's Wish

An Orphan's Wish

An Orphan's Wish

An Orphan'sWish

All these kiddos need more sponsors....
One of these buttons could be on your blog!

Oh yeah.....
Just one more {little} thing!

We {the volunteers} have a chance to travel to China with Stefanie & LeeAnn (the AOW president).
How, you might ask????

Pretty simple.
For every person 'we influence help' to become a sponsor....
Our name gets put into a drawing....
FOR A TRIP TO An Orphan's Wish IN CHINA!!!!!!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!!
 So maybe can you mention my name...?????
 Pretty please????

You know how I said that 'China is not done with me yet'????

Well, maybe...just maybe....????? ( one can only dream.....)

More importantly, this is really about the children at An Orphan's Wish.
It is my prayer that each and every one of them becomes fully sponsored!!!

Talk about making a difference!