Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow! I guess I have been a little busy lately.....


Just a tad...although I am not complaining one.little.bit....

I am just explaining.

I do love to blog, but lately this activity of mine has taken a back seat...to my busy life.

It makes me sad.

I miss reading all of your blogs....
I miss your bloggy friendships.

I just need to get 'my groove on' and get organized with my new....ummm, activities in life.

First of all...
I am teaching again!
Just a little...but, enough to keep me busy preparing lesson plans and grading papers.

I teach two 8th grade Language Arts classes every day from noon until 1:30pm.

I love, love, love teaching middle-school age children.
They keep me young.
They keep me humble.
They keep me smiling!

I am gratefully involved with An Orphan's Wish!
This is truly one of my greatest joys in life.
I get to 'work' with a bunch of great women and (more importantly)...the children.....I get to witness first hand how {through} sponsorships their lives are impacted and improved and enhanced....I get to witness first hand how they are loved and cared for by the compassionate caregivers at An Orphan's Wish!  I get to witness and rejoice and celebrate when surgeries and rehabilitation treatments are successful!  I get to witness first hand when a child is adopted!
O the joy of it all!

A pretty much the most demanding adjustment of all....

Having two little ones in school again!!!

Shea is at school all day. (Kindergarten)
Avery is at school in the morning for 2 1/2 hours. (4k)

Lots of running around and picking up....
To say the least!

Hey, I am just excited that I was able to manage writing this post!  Ha!

My goal:

FOLLOW AND KEEP A SCHEDULE (probably would help if I made a schedule)

Anyway, like I said...
I am not complaining or even (heaven forbid) whining...

I'm just explaining my lack of posts...

Missing y'all and hoping to do a better job of staying in touch!


  1. You? Have been MISSED. Congrats on all of the changes, especially the new job!

  2. Wow, I knew something was up! I'm so happy for you and the students that you are teaching again. That in itself is huge and language arts is so much planning and grading! But I'm happy for you, I know you love it! Is Shea just loving being in school all day? I can only imagine how she has that class under control! Miss yall bunches! Give hugs for me, love yall!

  3. wow! sounds like a lot! please let me know if you find a way to stick to a schedule and get super organized. please:) lol