Thursday, September 30, 2010

A budding photographer?????

The other day as I was sorting through my photos, I came upon a set of pictures that I somehow....
missed. overlooked.didn't realize I had. hmmph?

I am quite embarrassed to say that I didn't even know that Shea had hijacked taken my camera...

These pictures must have been taken over the summer....

What do y'all think?

Can you tell that she has an older sister, who very often take these ummmm, self-portrait type of pictures?

Wow!  I am completely surprised that our family room was even clean for this 'photo-op'!

Interesting take on our kitchen chair.

Can't forget about 'Edward' the beta-fish. Oh, that little piece of pink paper has Edward's name on it.....Shea thought it was important to have his name displayed.

This daughter of mine just cracks me up!!  :)


  1. My first thought when I saw the self-portrait was, "When did she become so grown-up?" Pretty girl!!

  2. I taught her everything she knows :)

  3. She does look so grown-up! She's beautiful:)

  4. Shea, I loved seeing the world according to you! You're an excellent photographer. Keep up the good work!
    God's blessings baby girl.
    Sarah :D

  5. When is it as women we run from cameras instead of embrace them with such sweetness as Shea? You are beautiful Shea~ from the inside out!

    P.S. Next time, go and find all of the messy spots in your house and take a pic. Your mom is just too perfect! Surely, there's a messy closet somewhere in your home to make us all feel better from our 'lived in' style homes.