Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Packers & Popsicles}

Apparently, today is the official start of the NFL season.  More importantly the beginning of Packer season!

What does that mean for our household????

Total obsession!  Not for me. Not for the Littles.  Can you guess? 

It's the guys! 

My husband and my oldest son!

Here are the items needed for the game - 'The Essentials'

The hat.

The seat. (with the intense look)

The shirt. (At least for the first half of the game....)

The socks. (Yes, 'we' have Packer socks!)

The computer.  (For continual football updates & statistics)

Popsicles. (For the Littles)
That is Pre-game popsicles!

Shea and Avery get caught up with the football enthusiam in the house....

They enjoy watching their daddy and older brother...ummm, 'enjoy' the game.

They like to cheer with them and always come running when a Packer touch down is scored.

Lots of high fives, hugging, and dancing!

But this football enthusiasm (on their part) can only last so long.

Where are they now?

 Playing 'kitchen' & 'dollhouse'.

The guys???

You know where they are.....glued to the TV watching the game.


This is the time I can pretty much do anything!

Take a nap.
Go shopping.
Set my hair on fire! (just joking)

Hopeful outcome....

Of course, this!

Happy Sunday!!!

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Ok, that last picture is so funny! Must be a guy thing.
    Thx for sharing!
    Nancy-of the Crazy 8

  2. LOL Chris! My oh my how my house looks much the same...just with a different team. ;) Dude you guys are hard core though! You even have the socks....I'm beginning to feel a little inferior in my raising football fanatic skills! And girl I so hear ya about being able to set your hair on fire and remain un-noticed. Crackin me up!

  3. We got the fever too! Good to see we are not the only ones glued to the computer ASWELL AS the TV ;) Hey - inquiring minds want to know! And we don't have fancy cable!

  4. So funny! But I must say that I am the BIGGEST football fan in my house. Yes, me a girl! I am and was my dad's sidekick. I like college football the best! Go Penn State!! :) I would love to visit and have fun with your boys! I probably would be the loudest! :)

  5. Ah, football season! Even though we're college ball watchers and our team (the Hokies) hasn't gotten off to such a good start, we're doing much the same. Even our littlest who has been home just six months already knows the entire fight song...

  6. It's the same thing here, only it's either Razorbacks or LSU (college ball) or the Saints! Who dat!!!

  7. Okay, so I didn't know till today that you are a GB family.... Hmmmm, this might make our blogging relationship a tad touchy. I mean, our beloved Eagles rallied bravely and all, but still came up with a big "L" to your team. I might have to spend some time praying to be able to forgive you. :)

    But it's a very cute SS - love the popsicles.

    Even if they are being munched upon by little girls wearing GB attire.


  8. ha ha....yes, it is that time of year again. But this season we have to watch it in Spanish....but I personally prefer college football over NFL!!!!

    Have a happy football season!!!

  9. ahhhhh my Biggest boy (hubby!) and oldest son (14) are Packers fans too!! My MIL,mother & brother are too. (and all my WI friends!) Go Packers!!