Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Avery: Day 10

Today was our Consulate Appointment and Oath Ceremony.

We had to stay in our hotel room while Emma was at the U.S. Consulate finishing up our paper work.  She called us at 10:30am with congratulatory wishes!!! Yeah....we passed!!!  Then later in the afternoon, Faith, Avery, Emma, and I went to the consulate with about 60 other families to make our promise that all our paper work was truthful and correct!  Whew...another milestone!!!  For some reason, this was very emotional for me....after all these months....we are finally done....and Avery is really and truly our little girl.....forever!!!

This girl of ours is such a blessing....
She is utterly delightful....
And has completely enchanted me!!!!

She now tells people her name is Avery Qing Zula....a few days ago she was only responding to Qing Zula.
She walks around the hotel room pointing to everything wanting to know the English words....we do this several times a day!!!
She can also count  her little toes and my big toes up to five in English!!
Three nights ago while falling asleep, she grabbed my hand and held on to it until she closed her sweet eyes.
Two nights ago while falling asleep, she was touching my face ever so if, accepting the fact that my non-Asian face was really going to be the face of her mommy.
Last night while getting ready for bed, she said "I lub (love) you".  Oh!!! My!!!  Can it get any better?????

And yet, I worry....
Are things going too well????
Was that first night of intense grieving really enough????

I know she will have more adjusting to do once we get home....maybe this is when she will show more grief and sorrow????
Maybe not???
Maybe it will show up when least expected???
All I do know is that Avery was greatly loved and someone before me.
She is confident....
She is strong...
She is happy...

She is not perfect by any means....she gets sassy, demanding, and a trifle bit naughty....well, at times she can be quite the stinker....but, that's good.  I want her to be comfortable enough to be just herself and to know that no matter what, I will always love her!!!

(deep sigh....)

Moving on to some super great pictures......

Here's the 'baby white tiger'!

Future gymnast!!

Lovin' the slide!!

Giving Mom kisses!!!


  1. My Dear Family,
    Oh how we miss you at home. Avery is just a lovely girl and can't wait to get some of those kisses at home. I know the hotel room is getting old and the house will be waiting for you....CLEAN!!!! For chocolate. Hey, if Faith can do it so can I. :)
    All My Love,
    Dave (Dad)

  2. Oh, Chris - she seems just perfect to me!! I am so thankful that she is wanting to know more in English and responding to AVERY - how precious!!

    I think, looking back, Mya was really energetic those first few weeks - especially in China - i think THAT may have been how she grieved. She wasn't really the type to cry a lot (though we had SOME tears) - but she would run & was just kind of crazy (in fact, some members of our travel group called her CRAZY GIRL!) What's that say?????

    But she was almost three and had just had her world turned upside down! So, yeah, I thought at the time - WOW, she's hardly grieved at all - this is great - but I think her testing boundaries & acting out WAS grief.

    I am so glad that God has worked on her heart, as He will Avery's and allow trust to penetrate her sweet heart. Time. And she is adorable while we wait!

  3. Beautiful post! Avery is doing so well! We did have the most of our work after arriving home...and she may grieve, but you will just work through those things if they come. Congratulations....and you will be home soon!!!

  4. Grab the Kleenex! What a beautiful post!
    I love the words you've perfectly chosen ... forever ... blessing ... delightful ... enchanting!
    Thank you for sharing her with us!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  5. Praise GOD!! That is my prayer that she falls in love with you instandly!! GOD is good!all the time!! I'm so very happy for you, Faith and Avey. and soon Dave, Shea, and your boys will enjoy that sweet love from Avery. Be safe traveling home, you will be in my prayers.
    Love and BLessings,
    Teresa Harris

  6. Oh, I SO need one of those tiger hats (cuz I AM a tiger). I wonder if I could find a matching monkey one for the Tongginator? Hmm...

    Love that things are going so well. Still praying for y'all, every time a post pops up in my reader.

  7. Wow...what a difference a few days can make. Congratulations on the huge milestones and on being able to take Avery home soon! She is so beautiful...I can't wait to meet her...neither can Gabe or Aurora!