Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shots & other stuff....

Today was 'Medical Examination Day'...(insert scary music!)

As soon as we walked into the clinic, Avery became very somber.  It's like she just knew what was about to happen....

When the first doctor came into the room, she began to wail.....the doctor hadn't even touched her yet!!!  It was a typical exam....
weight - check
height -check
lung & heart - check
push on belly - check

Next was a quick look by the ENT doctor....more screaming from Avery!!!!  She passed both exams with flying colors....not too sure how the doctors were feeling afterward...especially their ears!!!

Avery was now officially mad at me!!!!  She only wanted Faith to hold her.  It is always a good thing to have a 'little Faith' at times like this! (I know, I know.....weak attempt at trying to make a joke!)

Moving on....

Avery needed five shots....FIVE shots!!!!

Emma, our guide, who is just utterly amazing, graciously offered to hold Avery as she was receiving the required vaccinations.  Emma said she usually does this for the parents so that she can be the one to whom the child can express his/her anger toward.  I readily agreed to this suggestion!!! 

Five shots later...
One screaming, wailing child...
Two teary eyed people....
And, the deed is done!!!  whew!!!!!

Oh, and it's quite remarkable what a lollipop can do!!!! :)

Later that afternoon, we decided to take a walk to the 'mall' and Pearl & Jade Market.  I wanted Faith to experience this kind of 'shopping'.  We walked through an old, established neighborhood where the people practically craned their necks to get a better look at us!  As for the mall, well, it is nothing like you have ever seen in our country!  There are tons & tons of stores lined up as you are walking and tons & tons of people...this shopping experience is NOT for the weak and if you are a 'browser' then this is definitely not for you!

There are six floors of pearl and jade stores!

I bought nothing....I was just along to observe Faith.

Faith was intrigued by it all if not a bit overwhelmed.  You see, she is a browser and a terrible decision maker.  She needs lots of time to shop.....because the girl can't make a decision to save her life!

Avery simply fell asleep!!!

Faith f-i-n-a-l-l-y bought one teeny, tiny jade ring.....and she even bartered with the sales person....(something I can't do)....she was proud of herself for the bargain she had achieved.  It was a fun couple of hours! Kind of! :)

We passed the rest of the afternoon in our hotel room with Avery entertaining us.......

First, we did nails....

Then, she went shopping.....

We ended our day having dinner with Stefanie, Asher, & Vivi at the Italian restaurant on the island.
We had a lovely time together....great food & lively conversation! The little girls talked to each other in baby Chinese, it was so adorable! They shared bread sticks, milk, & jello. Asher is such a trooper and a wonderful help to Stefanie. We had a lot of fun, and I am blessed to call her my friend!  They head home early tomorrow morning....let's all pray for safe & pleasant traveling for them!


  1. FIVE shots!?! What a trooper Avery is! Isn't that Italian restaurant yummy? It definitely warranted a return visit from us :-) Mya liked to dip her hard breadsticks in her cup of milk :)

  2. That's the pic I've been waiting to see! I love you ladies!! It is so awesome for me to see you meet up in person half way across the world!!

  3. Avery seems to be adjusting so well based on the pictures! I know having to get 5 shots was girls each got 5 at their last well visits...and that you are glad to have that BEHIND you now! BTW...I'm taking notes as I follow your journey and making a list of things I have to see and do when we make our trip! Thanks for the pointers. :)

  4. Thumbs down for the shots, but thumbs up for dinner with Stefanie, Asher and Vivi! So glad y'all got to meet up!!!!

  5. Love the nails and the pink purse!