Sunday, January 24, 2010

Avery: Day 7

It's been a pretty laid back day...

We went to church this morning on the island.  I love the fact that we can worship Jesus in China!!!!  Avery seemed to enjoy the singing and was very interested in the stain glassed windows.  I really can't wait until she begins learning about Jesus.  I consider it a honor and blessing to be able to teach her about our Savior!!!

Faith wasn't feeling the greatest today....I think she ate something that just didn't agree with her.  Yuck!!!

We all took a much needed nap.

Then went out to dinner at The Cow and Bridge.  We were quite happy to find Mari, James, and Abby there. We had a wonderful time together, once again!!! 

Now, we are just winding down....
Doing a little coloring... a little dancing....and lots of giggling.....I have such silly girls!!!!  I guess we are not really winding down.....are we????
I wanted to....but, these girls of mine just got a second wind!!!!

Little Avery loves getting french fries, not for herself to eat, but so that she can dip them in ketchup and feed them to her big sissy :-P

What a beautiful girl!


Also a very silly one! (Here started the second wind)



  1. That's great that she is so happy! Loving the updates and pictures. Hope Faith is feeling better.

  2. I'm looking foward to your update each day. Avery seems SO happy!

  3. Oh man - I FEEL her energy. I had that - a year ago - trapped in a hotel room :-) I can't wait to see Avery & Shea together, being silly AND energetic!!

  4. Such beautiful smiles!! Glad Faith is feeling better :)

  5. Adorable new pic.'s in the Chinese dress. She is just a doll. I'm sure she and Shea will have a blast together! The first thing Aurora noticed in the pictures were Avery's "hello kitty" red shoes. She thinks she needs some...and now she needs her nails polished too thanks to the pictures! :) Have fun you guys! We miss you!

  6. I am glad things are going well and hope Faith feels better. I was thinking of you and Avery today. We went to an International grocery store today and Jack simply had to have a bag of Asian "jello shots". From what you posted they are exactly what Avery has been eating. Must be a kid thing! They have a funny warning on top: "The people under 3 and over 60 should not eat unsupervised." That made me giggle. Have a fun and safe trip!

  7. I hope Faith feels better soon! And that Avery is able to burn off some of the energy. Heh.

    Loving the updates every day.

  8. We are enjoying the pictures and continue to keep you in our prayers that you are safe and that everything with the adoption continues to go smoothly. Looking forward to meeting the newest little Beringer!
    Jamie, Seth & Nina