Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Avery: Day 3 (finally)

 * I had some major issues with the internet today! ugh!!!! Sorry this post is so late!!!

Avery continues to amaze us and delight us!!!

Today was a very fun and happy day!  It was filled with laughter and giggles!!!  I think she is really enjoying getting to know us just as much as we enjoy getting to know her!  She and Faith had a wonderful bonding day. Avery went for a walk outside with Faith, and they even 'ran a couple of errands together'.  Avery seems to be warming up to Dave.....kind of.....the going is a little slower with him......but, at least she gave him a hug today!

Yes, she is giving out hugs!!!  No kisses yet, but lots of hugs!!!

She is now saying 'hello' to everyone.  She is saying 'up' & 'down', 'bye-bye',' uh-oh', and she actually called me momma today!! She taught us how to say jello in Chinese!! A very important word since this seems to be her favorite food!  She was skipping today....this was incredibly sweet!!!   I took it as a sign of her being very happy & content!  And, she was singing to me all day...I'm not sure what she was singing.....however, her voice was very tender & loving!

We went to the police station to take our family photo for our adoption certificate and we also applied for Avery's passport today.  Tomorrow we go to the "Physical Examination Center".  Avery will get her required exam and several vaccinations as well as a TB test. Please pray that all goes well.  This is never a fun 'outing' both for parent & child, especially the child!!!

Now on to the pictures!!!!

First, a few pictures from yesterday.....(day 2)
Goofing around at the local park and blowing bubbles!!

 All squeaky clean after I gave her a bath!! (day 2)

 Here is the cutest picture of bed head ever!!! (day 3)

 A visit to the White Swan Hotel.  This is where we stayed when we adopted Shea.

After lunch and  a (very short) nap, we went to another park on the island!
Avery really seemed to like the red lanterns hanging from the trees.  This is in preparation for the Chinese New Year.

 Note to self:

My hope is to have today's events posted much earlier! :)

Dave has left today to fly home! Please keep him in your prayers as he travels....alone!


  1. So glad you were finally able to post more pictures and details! I hope Shea is doing okay in WI. We're thinking about her!
    Kelly thinks Avery is so cute. Who doesn't?! :)
    We can't wait to meet her!

  2. Chris
    We all missed you last night. The conversation was filled with joy and excitement as we all talked about your families journey. What an inspiration. The WIMs can't wait to meet Avery. Stay strong as Dave travels home. We will be praying for his safety. May God be watching over all of you.

    God Bless

  3. Chris,
    Your family looks SO happy and content! God is giving you lots of hugs! Praying for you everyday! Also for your husband. By the way I love the pic of Avery all squeaky clean!

  4. CUTE pictures mom and faith! Im glad to see she is having so much fun! Stephanie says hi too :)

  5. Chris,
    Oh my gosh... You are giving me so much hope for our trip to Sienna.... What answered prayer for you! Avery looks SOOO happy! She is darling, and her smile lights up your blog!!! I wish you were going to be there one month from now so the girls could play!!

    Blessings for more great days!!! ~Diana

  6. Precious and praise worthy post!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  7. Hi everyone,

    Shea & I sent you an email and this morning it came back undelivered:(
    She is doing wonderful and brings Tom and I such joy. Thanks for sharing your precious Shea.

    Aunt Lori

  8. She is giving some serious smiles!! I love her little hair cut - it is sassy already! I also love seeing your "Unfolding" shirt in GZ - a little shout out to Stef!

  9. Prayers for safe travel for Dave. Loving the pictures of Avery. She has such a precious smile.