Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avery Zula Day 9

Hey yall, this is Faith again. The mother begged and begged me to put a post up for her since she was too tired to do so herself. Since she bribed me with chocolate, here I am. Today we went to the Safari Park, which was my pick, and it was a lot of fun! We figured Avery would enjoy it since she gets excited every time she sees a stray dog or cat on the island. Which by the way also gave us great hope that she would be thrilled to see our chocolate lab at home...but as it turns out, as soon as one of the little stray dogs started following us the other day, Avery freaked out started running and whining - ran into a bike, fell over, got right back up, and continued running from that tiny little dog.... so, our BIG dog at home might be quite the shocker for Avery.... but in time we think they'll be good friends. BUT, anyways I'm rambling on and got completely sidetracked from what I was originally talking about ( my boyfriend Chris laughs at me constantly for this )...

so anyways! the Safari Park!! We saw all the animals very up close and personal. They are not in the traditional cages we see at our zoos back in the states, but instead just a fence is separating you from the elephants, tigers, and bears.

We even went on a "Safari on Wheels" which drove us right through the plains of all the animals, so that was pretty darn cool as well.

This picture isn't cropped or zoomed either, that zebra was that close =)

But my favorite parts.....

And yes, that is my new outrageously awesome white tiger hat. :-P

Avery really had a great time too! She loved pointing and watching all the animals - esp the cute little babies.

All in all - very fun day

and one very happy little girl

(Sorry you had to suffer through my not so up to par blogging skills, hopefully mom will be up to the task tomorrow evening )



  1. Faith...the chocolate bribe is a good one! You should blog again soon! LOVE your new hat...won't that be the envy of ALL your friends??? I am SURE of it!

    Our Madeleine HATED our rather LARGE black lab when we got home from China...but they soon became friends.

    So glad you are all doing well!
    Praying for you.

  2. Great job Faith! The photos are incredible. Grateful your Mom had the chocholate and that you took the bribe ... we cannot get enough of Avery! Thanks for sharing this journey with us!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Good job Faith! Awesome hat! Bretta and Avery will be interesting, but I bet Shea will be the big sister and take over and tell Bretta how it is! haha

  4. Yay! What a fun day, so glad you guys enjoyed the Safari Park!! I have to say, it looks like Faith had more fun than anyone :)
    Great pics... I'm guessing the one of Faith and the baby tiger is going on FB ;)
    Miss you guys!!

  5. You did a great job Honey. Wow! That looked like fun and Avery seemed to be having fun too. Love the hat by the way. Great pics. We sure do miss you. We are all excited about your return home on Saturday. I love you with all my heart. Dad

  6. Looks like a fun day!!! I'll add it to my list of things to do when our day finally gets here! :)

    And Faith, you are a girl after my own heart...I gladly work for chocolate!

  7. Faith, I am loving the white tiger hat!

    Chris, Avery is so cute, and she looks so happy in the pictures! Congratulations to you!

  8. I think your blogging skills are great, Faith! I loved the pic.'s of the zoo, but I have to agree with the other people who posted comments and say that the white tiger hat is the most awesome. Your patients back in WI will love that! :)

  9. Hey Beringer Family,
    I love the pics--it looks like EVERYONE had a lot of fun. What a great adventure. Thanks for sharing! By the look of it, the "kitties" were the favorite thing at the park!! I bet EVERYONE would love to have a kitty at home as well. ;-)

  10. Hey Faith, good stuff. The elephant looks like he is smiling. Doesn't he?

  11. Faith ~ I'm glad your momma bribed you with chocolate. The pictures were wonderful, but your self-deprecating humor was even better.

  12. Chris,
    Loving watching Avery enjoy the time with you. She just seems to glow! (I bet your glowing too!)

  13. Is anyone else beginning to pray more and more for Dave?
    Imagine what that house is going to be like with these silly girls in it? I'm thinking that Faith is going to be the ringleader and Chris the great encourager to all!

  14. My kids loved the animal shots! I am quite impressed with Avery's wardrobe of shoes! We have been following her daily shoe selection ever since that first photo day when we all admired her adorable red shoes! You are all so blessed!