Friday, January 22, 2010

Avery: Day 5

Avery continues to amaze and delight us!!!

She is absolutely precious!!!

We have discovered that she enjoys coloring.  She is  very neat & precise when coloring!!

She is also very tidy & organized.  Everything has a place and NEEDS to be put away EXACTLY where it belongs!

Avery seems to really enjoy ice cream and corn on the cob!  She also tried some KFC today and like it a lot!
That-a girl!!!

She is allowing me to give her kisses and hugs!!!  She likes to sit on my lap and be rocked. Talk about melting my heart!!!!

We enjoy listening to her talk in Chinese.  She is very willing to teach us words & phrases.  She laughs a big ole belly laugh when we try repeat her!

Avery has two photo albums.  One we sent to her with a bunch of family photos, and the other has pictures of her at the orphanage.  She will look at the family photo album and name who they are....
'sissy' (Faith)
'ge-ge' (Drew) Ge-ge means 'brother' in Chinese.
'ge-ge' (Scott)
'Shea-Dell' is the cutest thing in the world.  At first, when looking at a picture of Shea, she would say 'Qing Zu La'.  Then she would call Shea 'la-la'. Now, she calls her 'Shea Dell'....(instead of Shea Belle) is so stinkin' sweet!  Avery looks through the pictures of herself and her orphanage frequently.  She identifies herself as 'Qing Zu La' and every once in a while she will say 'Avery-Qing Zu La'.  It must be very difficult coming to terms with a new name when you are almost 4 years old. We are going to let her take the lead on this one....I really don't know how a little girl can transition from one name to the other....again, a very tough thing for her.  So much has changed in her world in such a small amount of time......(sigh).

Although the weather was cool & rainy, we did venture out to the Chen Clan Folk Art Museum.  Actually, we saw a lot of families from the island must be the ting to do! lol

Tonight, I had the privilege of meeting Mari Lou and her kids James and Abby, from
In The hands of the Lord.  We had dinner together and met another wonderful family from her group.  It has been such a blessing to meet some of the women with whom I blog!!!

Kind of cool stuff!!!

*Dave made it home safely!!! And he will be picking up Shea sometime today!  My goodness, how I miss that little one!!!!


  1. Hi Chris, Faith, and my little Avery,
    Looks like you are having a ball. Heading out to pick up Shea today. Can't wait to see her. We will talk to you later. Loving all of you, Dad.

  2. Those belly laughs must be something to see and hear. I wonder how bad your accent and tones are... heh. (Mine are TERRIBLE.)

  3. Have loved following along with this trip to Avery. So excited to see her happy smiles and joy. It's been a fun week of following adoption stories. Sorry I haven't commented more - sick kids, finishing up home school first semesters and so on. But I've read every single post. I can't believe how much I'm DYING to go back. I NEVER, when I was going through it all, thought I'd be able to say that with joyful expectancy. 'Course, the nasty FLOOD waters we had to WALK through might be a big reason why I felt so anxious to leave GZ . . . :) That and the 16 day trip away from my other babies!

  4. Chris,
    I so enjoy reading about how well you are all doing. Her smile just makes me smile too! We got our dates today. We meet Sienna Grace on 3/1! I can not wait!!! Blessings, as you enjoy another day together!


  5. I love seeing that island! I am glad to hear that Avery is smiling & laughing & letting you hug & kiss her! I see she is still loving her Hello Kitty shoes :-)