Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Snapshot : My Little Nutcracker

Ni Hao Y'all

Okay.  I was trying to come up with something Christmasy and perhaps a little creative.... creative juices are not just flowing tonight, so since I have some pictures of Shea on the day of her performance in the Nutcracker, I thought I'd go with that.  At least it's 'Christmasy'!

This was Shea's second year dancing in the Nutcracker here in our small town 'up North'.
And her second year as an angel...
...dancing that special 'angel dance' that only 4 & 5 year olds know how to do!

She dances at a small but quaint studio.....
Run by the 'Madame' and her husband.
Classes are taught by one of her sons and's Russian inspired...kinda strict and formal.....but, Shea LOVES it!!!

Here she is at home, before the performance, with her beloved Nutcracker.

Back stage....can ya tell she's super excited??????

She was only on stage for.....ummmm......'bout 10 seconds.......but, boy did she make the most of it!

There were 'clouds' on the stage that night.....(smoke or dry ice or something like that).....the 'clouds' were not there during dress rehearsal.....

I imagine those little angels were quite surprised when they started walking dancing through the clouds.

My little angle decided to dip her down head into the clouds waving her arms up and down as she was walking...errr.....dancing.....actually stopping in the middle of the stage.  Oh, what fun she was having....until she got bumped in the hiney from one of her fellow angles.  Unfortunately or should I say....fortunately,  she needed to 'get her head out of the clouds' and continue her trek across stage.

She had a wonderful time!!!!  And isn't that what it is all about???

We will be taking a break from dancing....

Avery will be home soon (yeah!!!!), and we will all need to take some time as a family to bond.


  1. That bonding time will be the greatest thing in the world!!

    Your little nutcracker is adorable, of course! And quite the performer - no stage fright?? Amazing!!

  2. Oh so sweet! How FUN that Shea is so comfortable on stage:D
    I can't wait until our Chloe can take ballet! It has been so long since we have participated in The Nutcracker.

  3. Cute nutcracker girl! She is so cute! We're praying for your Avery to come home soon!

  4. And what a beautiful little nutcracker she IS! She does look SO excited... how sweet that you were able to capture those moments :)
    Soon, my friend, SOON! Come ON TAs!!! We need to get our girls home!!

  5. I love the photo with the flowers! PURE triumph!

    I will be eager to pop back and visit to see the homecoming of Avery! What sweet moments!

  6. How sweet!!! Her excitment just bounded out of that precious picture!!! I bet she was the best and prettiest angel on that stage!! Can't wait to see Avery come home!

  7. Forgot to add that I got the ornament you asked about here,

  8. Her smile in those pictures says it all - she's radiant and SO beautiful!!! You can tell she really enjoyed herself!

    I'll be praying about your TA - what a wonderful Christmas present that would be!