Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday Snapshot: Faith

Ni Hao Y'all

My daughter, Faith!!!

Where do I begin with this one????

How did she become 20 years old????

She was my first little girl....a total surprise.....we were expecting another son! lol

She was my first taste of pink and bonnets and bows and dollies! What fun, what fun!!

She will always be my 'first baby'!  She was my baby for 17 years until the arrival of Shea....
In some ways she will always remain the 'baby' of the family....
However, she certainly is so much more....
Let me tell ya  a little bit about this daughter of mine......

This girl is funny, and silly, and!

She is filled with such passion!!! (And can be quite feisty as well!)

She is NOT afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
She'll tell you exactly what is on her mind...with no shame or hesitation! (Arguing with her can be very ya need to come prepared!)

She loves the Lord...she will share her faith with anyone!

Her family and friends mean the world to her.

She is the BEST big sister in the world.

Don't get her started about abortion...
She will chew you up and spit you out....she is such an advocate for the pre-born child!!!!

Faith is in her second year of college.
She decided to move back home!!! Yeah!!!!
I missed her so much...
Shea missed her so much...
I think she missed us, too!!!

She is attending a near by college...
Working at American Eagle....(40% discount, baby!!)
and seeking a CNA job at an assisted living facility.

Faith wants to be a nurse....perfect profession for her.... not just any kind of nurse....(please don't take this the wrong way) but, this daughter of mine want to be a pediatric oncology nurse!!!

Holy cow!!!!

I think she will be perfect!

My heart swells with pride!!!

Have I told ya how much I love this kid?????

(BTW, she chose the pictures...kinda tells ya she IS a take charge type of person! ha!)


  1. She is just beautiful - inside and out!!! What a true joy when our children love the Lord!! Faith sounds like everything I pray my daughters will be at that age. Wish my oldest boy was a bit older than 13, maybe we could arrange a marriage !! lol (u think Faith would go for that????)
    Is Faith coming to China with you? It'd be fun to meet her!
    BTW, tell her our little Abby's name will be Abigail Faith. Faith was my grandmother's name : )

  2. Haha! I love that she chose her own pictures! She sounds like the kind of girl who will always be both a daughter AND a friend.

  3. She is beautiful and I am so glad she loves the Lord and is PRO LIFE and willing to go to bat for the babies! Pure blessing!

  4. Wow! what an amazing girl that God has blessed you with :) She also happens to be a real beauty! May God continue to fill her with His passion for babies and children!

  5. Faith seems as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! Clearly her desire to be a pediatric oncologist nurse stems from her love for God's little ones - including the "least of these" - those that needs God's touch the most. Faith is such a beautiful name - I am glad that she has come "home" too :)

  6. Beautiful girl inside and out! Gift from God!!!

  7. What an amazing girl! So beautiful. So unique. I feel lucky just to know her. And right on about the feisty part...I don't even try to argue with her anymore!