Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowball Fight!! (A video)

Well, this wasn't what I intended to post about today....

But, I just couldn't resist.....

Especially since my husband was pumped about doing this particular video...

You see, it epitomizes our family....exactly!!

Everyone, except me, loves to play in the snow.

They love to sled, build forts, and more than anything else.....

....engage in a good snow ball fight!!!

Me, well, I prefer a nice cozy fire, some hot chocolate, and a good book.

So, play away, my lovely family....just keep on playing out in the snow....ahhhhh.....some peace and quite!!

Oh yeah, it just a video.....

(It's been too darn cold up here in the North to play outside....we have the snow, now we just need some 30 degree weather....btw, that's considered warm up here!)

Anyway, enjoy the video! (My husband thinks that I could have 'played' the Santa cuz he's sitting inside!!)

Snowball Fight

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