Thursday, December 31, 2009

Building a Snowman

First, you need one bundled up five year old.....

One chocolate Lab.....

And some willing 'helpers'!

(Where was I???? You ask.  I was inside staying warm & dry. I am very happy to live vicariously through my children for this particular activity! I did HAVE to put on my boots and my coat and my mittens and my hat and my take a few pictures...I quickly did the deed and was back inside before any coldness could descend upon me!)

Here is a interesting way to build a snowman.....

This is called 'using your head'....indeed, a unique approach!

Faith was trying very hard not to drop the middle part of the snowman on Scott!!!

Finally.....middle part is up!!!

Putting on the 'head' was pretty uneventful!

The finished product!

And, one worn out little girl! ;)


  1. I'm with you...I took pics of our snowman from the doorway & windows! Great snowman! Looks like they had fun & that is a LOT of snow!

  2. Love the snowman pictures. I can't remember the last time it snowed enough here to even make a snowman. Maybe about 10 years ago, seriously. But that's okay, I feel like you do about the cold. I'd just as soon stay inside.

    Love the picture of Shea all bundled up! She is beautiful.

    Hope your family has a great New Year!

  3. Oh! Simply wonderful! I love the bright colorful Shea against the snow and everyone is having SUCH fun! Wonderful long lasting memories!!

  4. I love these pictures! What fun!

    And so much more fun when Mom can watch from inside the house. :0)

  5. that is one very cute snowman!!

  6. Chris,
    Happy New Year! You are so much like me. I hate winter, cold, snow, and being outside. I would rather be inside drinking hot tea.:) I guess living up north we need to deal with winter for many long months! Very cute snowman too! We're praying for upcoming trip to China! Exciting!!! Thanks for praying for us as well. God has great plans for us all!!!

  7. Nice job building crew!
    You'll have to send some snow to the Pacific NW. My kids are wanting snow so bad before going back to school on Monday. I don't think it's going to happen though.

  8. Cute snowman!! Looks like lots of fun. Have a happy and blessed New Year.

  9. So cute!!!! We don't EVER get snow!! I would be right there with ya in the warmth!!!! We visited my in-laws over the New Year and they had some snow. The kids had a BLAST and I stayed inside - WARM!!! Hehe!!! Very cute pics!

  10. Great pictures!!
    And I would've been snug inside with you!!! My kids don't get why I don't love the white stuff, but you know, I'd rather make hot cocoa!!

  11. I am sure you didn't JUST take the pictures! I am sure you were the one who threw all the hats & mittens in the dryer when they came in & hung up the tossed coats & lined up the boots & shoes and mopped the floor..oh, there's a REASON we mamas get to stay warm :)