Thursday, December 17, 2009

Re-cap of Shea's birthday!

Well, it's been a week since my sweet baby girl has turned 5!! Five??? I still can't believe she is now five.years.old!!!!

She has been enjoying the privilege of chewing gum. This was something she could only do when she turned five...I just didn't expect it to happen so darn fast.

It's been a good week of gum chewing so far...
The dog has only eaten two pieces of gum that have fallen out of Shea's mouth.  Not bad, really.
I've used it as a bribe only once....Shea responded surprisingly well.  Looks like she will be picking up her toys when I least until the gum thing loses its appeal.
And she only played with her gum one time like it was play-doh. ( Kinda gross!)
Over all, I am pleased...not too many mishaps at all....yet!

Shea wanted a chocolate birthday cake. So, big sister Faith graciously decided to do the honors!!

She wanted Mexican food for her birthday meal. That was easy....we had tacos, cheesy rice, and chips with queso. Not the most healthy dinner, but hey, who cares about be healthy on your birthday???

Certainly not this little one!

A moment taken to think about and honor Shea's first mommy....(deep sigh, there is so much I would like to say....I think I will save that for another post.)

Let's get that cake all  lit up......
And sing a rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday'!

Time to make a wish and blow those candles out.....

But first, a cough into the elbow....

She's so dramatic!

Now, onto the fun part.....

The big breath in....

Can she do it?  Can she blow out all those candles with one breath?

 Yes, mission accomplished!

 Happy first week of being a five year old, my darling girl!!!


  1. I love her shirt! So very cute! Great smiles and lots of love!

  2. Hi Chris
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Happy birthday for your little beauty, you have a lovely family.

  3. Happy 5th Birthday, Shea!!! Such a big girl now - what, with the chewing gum & all!! lol!! I love the shirt & I love the tradition of pausing a moment for the woman who first saw Shea on her first birthday - very special.