Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jude Is Coming Home ~ Day 9 {hot and sticky with a little throw-up}

What a morning!

I was in full momma-mode......and then some!

We started out our day like every other day here in Guangzhou.

Breakfast at 8ish.

Chit chat with new friends.

Meet with group at 9:30AM.

We were headed to the Jade and Pearl Market and then the Chen Family Temple.

Sounds like fun, right?

Oh, did I mention that it was HOT, HOT, HOT today?

Sticky hot???

We got on the bus, a very nice bus I might add.

Jude and I sat toward the back, Lisa sat up front with our guide.

We were about ten minutes into the drive when Jude threw up.

Good thing he was facing out, right?

Throw up went down his shirt, onto his shorts and my skirt, then down my leg.

I was slightly stunned....totally was NOT expecting THAT.

Jude seemed fine.  No crying, no fussing....just throwing up-ing.

Lisa came back to help me clean up.....

Everyone on the bus was very sweet and helpful.

I was kinda thinking that Jude had a little motion sickness.

We moved to the front of the bus.

Jude was all snuggled in.....FACING toward me.

All "seemed" well.

Within minutes, he threw up again.


This time down the front of my shirt, skirt, and legs.

Once again, we got ourselves cleaned up.

We were minutes away from the Pearl and Jade market.

I had no extra clothes for him or me.


We went with it......
Shopping with wet, smelly, and very sweaty clothes.

Of course, Jude did not want to be in his stroller, he just wanted me....


Did I mention we were hot, sweaty, wet, sticky, and smelly?????

Fun times for sure.

Well, it was fun.

Jude is a the sweetest little boy.

He was so  happy and smiley.

It was a bonding kind of a morning.

The only problem?
I did not want to get too close to any of the sales people....I was very self-conscience of our interesting "aroma".  Nevertheless, we did some shopping and got some deals.

Next stop, the Chen Family Temple.

Bus ride was uneventful.  In other words, "no one" threw up.  ;)

Jude still wanted me to carry him........
We were getting hotter, and stickier, and sweatier, and smellier by the minute.

About an hour and a half later, we were headed back to the bus!

Jude fell asleep on the way home.

I peeled him off of me when we got to the hotel.

We got cleaned up.

Fresh clothes.
Fresh smelling.

And all this by 1PM.

Rest of the day went rather smoothly.

Look at this little stinker.

Love him!!!


  1. Through it all....he looked to you as his mom, comforter, and friend! God bless ya!

  2. I'm laughing/crying for you & wishing I was there with a boat load of baby wipes my friend. And a hose. And some clothes. And a fan. Perhaps some ice chips…..