Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jude Is Coming Home ~ Day 2 {getting ready}


There are two other families with us who will be in Guangzhou for two weeks.
On Friday, the other four families will arrive with their children and we all will be together until the end of the second week.

Today we had our first adoption meeting with our wonderful guide, Aron.
*We have been working with Lifeline and it has been an incredible experience all the way around!

We went shopping at a four level grocery/children's/appliance store.  I was really impressed.
We bought diapers, formula, cereal, noodles, and snacks for Jude!


I'm doing this baby thing......AGAIN!  ;)  


Crib.  Check.

Toys, books, bubbles, etc.  Check.

Stuffy and blanket.  Check.

Now, all we need is Jude!


  1. So excited for you, Chris!! I'm glad you're blogging b/c I'm not on FB anymore. We didn't use LL for our adoption, but we did have a guide named this person a "she"? If it's the same one, we adored her. Looking forward to your next post!! :)

    1. Thanks Dardi. Yes, Aron is a "she". Love her to pieces!

  2. Oh, yes!!! And talk about! Bless her heart, I will never forget her taking us to the train station headed for HK. She literally made sure someone escorted us everywhere we needed to get to (I was traveling with my 12-yr-old son & Kemmy was just 2) & I just remember hugging her so hard in that train station. She truly was a blessing! And while we're talking about blessings...just saw the pictures of Jude! Huge congratulations!! Praying these days ahead are full of many precious moments :o)