Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jude Is Coming Home ~ Day 1 {My traveling companion}

It is so hard to believe that I am just days away from meeting our son, Jude!


Originally, my husband and I had hoped that Shea and Avery would be able to join us on the trip to China.  But the more we prayed about it, the realities of it all working out both financially and logistically just wasn't happening.

Then as we were trying to figure out who the girls would stay with while we were in China, we decided it would be best for my husband to stay home with them and for me to go to China alone.

This decision wasn't feeling quite right either.

What to do, what to do????

The thought to ask a friend came to me.

But which friend?

Ya just can't invite anyone, right?

It's not like it's a vacation or anything.

Going to China and adopting your child is pretty intense, yet completely amazing.

Two weeks in a hotel can be a l-o-n-g time!!!

So who?

God knew.

My lifelong friend, Lisa Schilling popped into my head.  Of course.  Yes, we could spend two weeks together.  She "gets it".  Lisa would be able to help and support me during this most amazing and crucial time in Jude's life.  In my life.  She is the one.

I asked her.
She said yes.

Together, she and I are on this incredibly journey to my son.

And oh, how I am blessed by her!

Lisa lives in Colorado.  I live in Wisconsin.
We met yesterday in Chicago.
We both have been up since around 3:30AM.


Fifteen hours later, we made it to Hong Kong safe and sound!

Got a taxi to the hotel from the airport.  It was about a 45 minute ride.  Traffic was decent.  Our driver did not have to do any "mario" moves so Lisa did not have the opportunity to experienced the death defying antics of driving in China, YET!   ;)

We are staying at the Harbour Plaza Metropolis.  It's nice.  The room is cozy, and the beds are hard!

We did a quick 7-11 run.  So we are good to go!

We are heading to Guangzhou in the morning via train!

I'm hoping to get some sleep and get on "China" time ASAP!

As they say, "Timing is Everything!"

God has certainly refined, refurbished, reinforced my faith in Him during these past 18 months of our journey to our son.  He has taught me patience and acceptance.

Although, I wish I could traveled months earlier.....that certainly wasn't God's plan.

His plan is always, always perfect.

The timing to go NOW to China is actually wonderful.

My husband only has one more week of school. (He is a high school administrator.)
Shea and Avery only have two more weeks of school
I will be returning home with Jude just as summer vacation begins.  Amazing, right?
We will all be home together to bond and grow as a family
Only God could have orchestrated this....PERFECTLY!

One day closer to Jude!

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