Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jude Is Coming Home ~ Day 6 {just a normal day in China}

It's always surreal when our days in China start to become, ummmm, routine?????


It's not a bad thing at all......It's just surreal.

Our Routine:

~wake up at around 6:30ish
~wake up Jude at around 7:30ish
~give Jude a special Chinese cracker-cookie thing
~get dressed, etc
~get Jude dressed
~face time with family
~go to the AMAZING buffet breakfast hopefully by 8 or 8:15
~eat, chat and hang out with other families for a l-o-n-g time....LOVE THIS!
~tours, shopping, adoption paperwork/appts
~feed Jude lunch
~can NOT eat anything for lunch because I over ate at breakfast (YOU China families know exactly      what I am talking about here.)
~play with Jude for a bit
~put Jude down for a nap
~{brave}Lisa goes exploring
~I take a nap with Jude
~meet for dinner with new friends at 5
~eat, talk, laugh, walk around
~stop at the 7-11 for ice cream, water, snacks, etc
~play with Jude
~face time with family
~bath and bed for Jude at around 8ish
~bedtime routine lasts for about an hour or so
~chit chat with Lisa for a while, watch TV, relax
~Lisa goes to bed at around 11ish
~get caught up with FB and begin blogging
~do some messaging with my oldest daughter....gotta check up on my grandson!
~do some messaging with friends
~finish bloggin
~talk to Jesus, thank Him for all his blessings
~take some melatonin and try to get some sleep

That is pretty much it, give or take a little depending on the day.

This gives Jude and I plenty of time for bonding.  It's a very slow and comfortable pace, which is good for Jude.....and me......and Lisa.

Even though this is definitely not a vacation, it is still a wonderful time.  It is a time to get to know your brand new child.  It's a time to reflect on all that is good in your life.  It is a time absorb the Chinese culture as much as possible so that later, when your child asks about his/her birthplace you can actually talk to them about it.

Today was a fun day with Jude.
I heard him laugh, like really laugh today in the bathtub.  I so wanted to catch it on video, but I didn't want to miss all his giggling and laughing.
Splashing makes him laugh!
Splashing Momma makes him laugh harder!!!

I'm also discovering that he is an organizer.  (Move over Shea, I think you may have met your match!)

Shoes and cereal puffs.
Each shoe received several puffs.

Looks like he is pleased with himself.

Later, he discovered himself in the mirror.
Who is that handsome boy?

Why, it's me!

Love this kid!
Look at those thighs!
They are chunk-a-licious!!!
I just can't get enough of him.

We went out to dinner tonight at a restaurant called The Banana Leaf with our new friends from Georgia.  It was Thai food and it was YUMMY!  I highly recommend it by the way.

The best part was when the waitress brought out the high chair for Jude.
It was very tall and very regal.

I believe that Emperor Jude was in his element.

And then I got this look.....

"MOM, I do NOT like it when you take pictures of me!!!"

Just a "normal" day in China!

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