Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jude Is Coming Home ~ Day 4 {bath time}

We have been in China four days.

Today is our second day with Jude.


He has been a trooper....to say the least.

His little world has been turned upside down.
Everything he knows, is now different.
He is not around anything or anyone familiar.

And he just has to accept it.

Yes, you and I know that he now has a family.
He will be loved forever!
He will be well-taken care of.
He will have all that he needs.

He doesn't know that or understand what has really occurred.
He just has to go with it.

Bless his heart.

He is so brave.

He just goes with it.....well, kind of.

Since yesterday, he will shut down whenever things get too much for him.

He doesn't cry.
He hasn't had a meltdown.

He just looks downward.
He won't look at me.
He just averts his eyes.

That is my signal to back off.

Yesterday, he wouldn't walk.  At all.
Today, he is walking!
He is even following me around....a little.

Yesterday, he didn't really drink his bottle.
Today, he drank most of it.

Yesterday, when I tried to play with him.....he just sat and stared.
Today, he seemed to enjoy himself.
I *think* he even smiled when we were blowing bubbles.
He also starting smacking things around.  I know that sounds weird, but at least he was doing SOMETHING!

He is so complacent.
He doesn't fight me at all.
He lets me dress him.
Change his diaper.
Feed him noodles or congee.

But he has very little emotion about anything.

He does like to snuggle.
He does like to be near me.
He lets me kiss him.

I was very hesitant about giving him a bath today.
I wanted him to enjoy it.
I didn't just want to force it on him.

I ran the water.  Put some bubbles in it.
He was watching everything.

I cautiously put him in the tub.
He liked it!

A yellow plastic bowl.
That is what he liked best!

It's the little things that make this momma smile.

He helped me put lotion on his legs and arms.
Again, I *think* I saw a smile.
(I might just catch that smile in a picture someday.)

Reading a book together before bed was an unexpected treasure!

But, the best moment???

Me, catching him reading Goodnight Moon!!!

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  1. So sweet ! I love his sweet face. That smile will come. Lia was the same way. But when it does it will light up the room and your heart!