Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jude Is Coming Home ~ Day 5 {playing}


So simple, yet so profound.

He has ignored most of his toys.

Every once in a while, we were able to get him semi-interested in playing with the various toys that Lisa and I brought for him.

Mostly, he just stared at them while we made fools of ourselves trying to get him engaged.

But, today....

Everything changed.

Today, Jude played!

Cereal puffs and stacking cups!
Sorting and dumping.
So much fun for my little guy!

So many little things.....such BIG accomplishments for Jude.

He is starting to trust us.

He is starting to open open up and reveal glimpses of who he is and what he is capable of.

He is attaching.  I *think* he is starting to see me as his momma!  Thank you, Jesus!!

It's so exciting.

So heart-warming.

Truly a miracle.

The "little" things:
~licking a lollipop
~holding his own bottle
~choosing what he wants to eat
~saying uh-oh
~waving to bye-bye to his daddy and sisters on Facetime
~playing with his toys
~Oh, did I mention that Jude smiled today???

Lastly, my boy had a slight temper tantrum.
I know I'm gonna regret saying this, but it was kinda cute.

He was not happy when "we" had to put away his toys and get ready for bed.

I'm glad he is letting me know how he feels.....
It's a 'little" wait, it's actually a big thing......
He is not in shut down mode anymore!!!!

He "tantrumed" for about a minute or so.
I was trying so hard not to scoop him up!
I just continued to make his bottle.
He soon stopped and toddled over to me.
Smiling and reaching up for me.
It was now "cuddle" time!

Oh, how I love this kid!

I am one blessed momma!!

Today was a day of milestones for THE JUDESTER! We got smiles! He played with toys! He cried! He expressed displeasure! He licked a lollipop! He said "uh oh!" He held his bottle! These are small, simple things but HUGE for him at this point in the attachment process to his new mommy. So far I have completely stayed away from him so that he would only bond to Chris. And you have no idea how hard this has been!!! But he is getting it! We are so proud and happy for him!! 

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  1. I love reading about u guys bringing jude home u guys are awesome loving people