Monday, October 5, 2009

Shea's first day of school....about a month late

This kid LOVES school....I mean, just absolutely LOVES.HER.SCHOOL!

She loves her teacher....Miss M

She loves to paint, draw, glue, and cut!

She loves her chocolate milk and snack time.

She loves playing in the sand box.

She loves learning new songs and then singing them over and over and over at home for me!

She walks down the hallways like she owns the place.

Every one knows her...I am simply...'the mom'.

She also likes to pose....(what a surprise)

Here she is at home, just before we are getting ready to leave for the big day.

Getting in line....with the other kids....she's looking pretty excited! 

Faith and I could hardly wait to pick her up......

I guess, she's not ready to call it a day.

Let's hope she always feels this way about school! :)


  1. Yeah I did it! The blog is wonderful, so glad you are doing it! Everybody looks great and happy! Love yall!

  2. Congratulations! I love keeping up with you and your family on your blog. We really miss you all!

  3. Poor Shea! So much fun but not ready to go home. That will change soon. Good job with the blogs.