Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No More Teenagers in the house!!!!!

How can this be???  What will I do?  How will I function???

All because this wonderful girl

We have had a teenager in our home since 1998!!!!! And now....no more....well, at least not for another 8 years, but hey, who's counting???

Happy 20th Birthday, my darling girl!!!!  My 'first' baby....my joy, oh how you have blessed my life!  I thank God for you every day!!!!

I told myself I wasn't going to get all emotional, however as I am sitting here typing this post....I am remembering....

I am remembering that twenty years ago at this moment I was happily, blissfully, holding my baby girl in my arms....marveling at this tiny little creature....her perfect little nose....her perfect little legs, toes, fingers....everything about her was  perfect!

I am remembering that feeling of total awe and wonder....feeling so blessed and wondering if I was worthy of such a gift....

I am remembering that I also made a total fool of myself while my precious little girl was entering this world...
She was delivered by c-section.  I was quite 'drugged' up...I was rambling on and on and on....just ask my husband.  I was positive that we were having another boy.  We already had two and I was pretty sure that we were going to have three sons.  (Which was totally fine with me.)  The baby was delivered...the doctor proclaimed it a 'girl' and I did not believe him...(this is where the drugs really kicked in)...I said something like: "Are you sure? Maybe you should check again?"  This kind and very patient doctor said something like this: "My dear woman, I have delivered a ton of babies.  I know the difference between boys and girls." But, me being still very 'drugged' up asked once again:  "Are you sure?" My husband, now completely mortified and embarrassed by my stupidity questions said something like:  "Chris, WE HAVE A DAUGHTER...stop talking and just hold our little girl!"

Yes indeedy, I had a little girl....and my life has never been the same!!!!


  1. Faith is my first granddaughter and she brought so much joy into my life and kept me on my toes because of her energy and lovable personality. I'm so proud of her and all her achievements as a good student, dancer and athlete, but most of all her outgoing, lovable personality!