Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumkin Patch Field Trip

This was one excited little girl!!!
Her pre-kindergarden class went
on a field trip earlier this week to
the 'Pumkin Patch'!!!

Shea loves going to any pumpkin farm...
She just plain loves those crazy orange things....

The bag in her hand was for the perfect pumpkin.....

"Where should  I go?   Where should I go??  So much few pumpkins!!!  Hey, how did that boy get in front of me on me?...I better hurry up!"

"Finally found one....'s kinda heavy!"

"Now, I gotta put my pumpkin into this here wagon....."

"Time for a rest! Whew!!!"

After finding the 'perfect' pumpkin, we all walked through a very muddy corn maze. I could barely keep Shea (AND MYSELF) from slipping in the mud....sorry no pictures....too dangerous.....
Then we rode on a wagon through the fields and forest...I completely forgot about taking pictures...
And then finally, the kids got a chance to play and run...I have a few pictures of Shea on the teeter-totter...

And then of course, one last pose!

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  1. I am loving those boots! It's October and you're already bundled up! I hope your Halloween costume is warm!