Saturday, October 3, 2009

No More Tears

On Friday,  Shea and I went to the clinic to receive our yearly flu shots.

This is how she felt about it....

...can't really blame her though....
When we first came home with her from China, she needed to get 'caught up' with her vaccinations.  Little did she or I fully understand what that meant.  She received her first round of shots when she was 27 months she remembers....
She remembers that two nurses held her down....
She remembers that one of her cute chubbly little thighs was injected twice while the other one was injected three time....yikes!!!!
I remember the hysterical crying...the look of 'you gotta be kidding me, Mom, what is going on here?'
There wasn't any band aid shinny enough, or pink enough to calm her down.
It didn't matter how many stickers she was given....she was mad, she was insulted, and she was scared!
For the next year until she was 'caught' up....the scene was pretty much the same.  And even when she was finally on schedule, any shot, even only one, pretty much freaked her out!

So imagine my surprise and delight when on this past Friday, she merely whimpered a small, sad little whimper...said I want my mommy...(which of course I was right there)....and took that shot without one.little.tear!!!!!!

I was so proud of my girl!!!

Today she decided to give all her babies and stuffies 'their shots'.
I think she did a wonderful job.  She was very gentle and loving....
but, I'll let you decide.

Here are some of the patients.

Here's the nurse.  (What a cutie!)

Here's Nurse Shea 'working'.

(Apparently,this armadillo needed  some extra shots....especially that one to the head!)

All done...and we're still all friends!!!

I am not dissing on nurses (they are angels)....
I am not dissing on the necessity of immunizations either.....
I just didn't like all that 'catching up' stuff!!!


  1. Miss you guys!!!! Really cute pics of Shea Bell

  2. Is the title here a pun on an Ozzy song? No More Tears! Maybe the next one should be titled, Crazy Train, or Momma I'm Coming Home. Just a thought...