Friday, October 30, 2009

The first child comes home for a visit!!!

Last weekend our oldest child finally came home for visit. It was his fall break. We haven't seen him since he left for school in August!  That is a LONG time!!!!  He is in his last year of college and is very busy finishing up his studies. He will be graduating in May with a degree in telecommunications.  He is actually hoping to find work with a local TV station, but who knows with this economy he may end up working at Best Buy! Six years of college does not equal a full-time retail job.....but, we will just have to wait and see.  Anyway, we were just super excited to see the boy!  Especially, Shea!!!!


She couldn't get enough of him.  She would wake Drew up first thing in the morning and then attached herself onto him all day long!  She pulled out all the stops for her brother....she danced...she sang....she colored pictures...she somersaulted....she even made him Halloween cupcakes!!!!

And gave Drew lots of hugs & kisses & silly faces!!!

But alas, the weekend seem to vanish before our eyes....
and soon we were saying our good-byes....sniff, sniff.

Hopefully we will see him over the Christmas break....???
Not sure when we will be traveling to China to bring home Avery....???
This mom is just hoping that all her kids will be together soon....???

It was a great weekend, Drew!!!  You're the best!  Love ya with all my heart!!!


  1. Drew, I like your hair! I have never seen it so short! You and Faith really look alike, (in a good way!) I never realized that. Enjoy your last little bit of school.

  2. Drew,
    You look so good! And you look so happy to visit home and play with your little sister! I am very happy for you. Love you a bunch!