Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can you say Hummer?

I had a very interesting conversation with my son the other day.....

....this son, our second child, our first child to graduate from college, (this December..!),the kid who is interning at ESPN radio......who's mom is fervently praying that they hire him.....

Phone call conversation from last between his morning classes-

Scott:    Hey mom, how's it going?
Me:      Just fine sweetie, what's up?
Scott:   Well, Lisa just called ( his boss at ESPN radio). She wanted to know if I could
            do media day for *professional football team* up in *city where they play * today.
Me:      Wow, that sounds great...what an opportunity.
Scott:   Yeah....but, I have more classes today....I have a paper due tomorrow and I need
            to take a test later.
Me:      Oh, bummer.
Scott:    I told Lisa I would check into it, talk to my professors, let them know the situation.
            Then call her back.
Me:      Sounds fair to me....let me know what happens.

Few minutes later....

Scott:   Hey Mom, my professors totally understood and gave me an extension to get my
            paper done and to take my test later this week.
Me:     Good for you, what did Lisa say???
Scott:  "Terrific, I send over the hummer."
Me:     What?????? What hummer???
Scott:   (laughing) The ESPN hummer.  A driver is coming to my school to pick me up in the
            ESPN hummer!
Me:      That is some perk!
Scott:   Yeah...pretty cool!  But, I am not really dressed the best for something like this.  I
            wore an old t-shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap to school today.
Me:      Oh my!
Scott:   So, I went into the bathroom, ran water on my head, combed my hair with my
            fingers, then called Lisa and asked her to also send an ESPN polo for me to wear.
Me:      Definitely...hey if she can send over a hummer, what's a little polo shirt????
Scott:   (laughing) Yeah for real.

Way to go Scott!  I am so proud of you!!!!


  1. Wow! He sounds like he is about to graduate, get married, and get started on a responsible, mature part of life!! Yeah! Good for him, good for Stephanie, and good for you and Dave!

  2. That's my grand-humdinger! So proud of him.

  3. This guy works toooooo hard, but is dooooooing a grrrrrreat job for ESPN! Wow Wow