Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Baby Room ~ Dr. Seuss Style

Considering that my grand-baby boy will make his appearance THIS Saturday.....

I thought I better get myself over to Faith's house and get some pictures of his very adorable Dr. Seuss nursery!!!

(remember the baby shower?)

This room is so cute, I can hardly stand it!!!

I am just lovin' it.
Love the colors.
Love the theme.

Love this mobile, don't you?

How about the walls?

What about these little guys?

And look at this: Jon's bedroom cross from when he was a little boy.......awwwww.

Isn't this completely precious?

Now all we need is Baby Archer!


  1. SO cute Chris!!!! I know you are excited but you look WAY too young to be a Grandmother:):):)

  2. So fun!!!! And I love the new bloggy digs.... I must have been reading in my Reader for a while now. I missed the reveal :)

    Yay for Baby A - come soon. Come safely :)

  3. So very precious! Can't wait to see pictures of Baby Archer in that adorable room!

  4. LOVE it!!! Congratulations grandma!!! SO happy he's finally here!!

  5. So very exciting! Glad I stopped by to hear the news! Praying for a healthy happy delivery!

  6. Too sweet! I love the cross; how sweet that it was saved after all these years. (That makes it sound like he's 50; doesn't it?! LOL!) Did Faith love Dr. Seuss when she was little? Or, is this a new found love for little Archer?