Sunday, July 8, 2012

A little va-cay time down south.....

..with some of our favorite people.

Doing some of our favorite things!

Watching Scott and Stephanie ski.

Swimming in the lake.

Body boarding/Knee boarding.

slow-going at first

 I can tell Avery is smiling by her eyes.  :)

And....the wipe out!

Here is little Miss Daring!

It was even fun just watching.....

And hanging out on the boat.

We enjoyed our long walks to the lake.

The stairs!

And the path....

Chillin' at the condo was a pleasure as well.....and very easy to do!

The girls even convinced Dad to do some tubing!

How amazing....Dave and I  surprisingly managed to get a somewhat decent picture of the two of us!
A rarity, indeed!

What a lovely time we had celebrating the 4th of July and of course, celebrating our precious family!


  1. That is such a cute pic. of you and your husband, Chris!!!
    And the vacation looks so perfect!!!

  2. LOVE all the pics! Looks like you all had a great time!!!