Friday, July 20, 2012

Comfortable, Shea?

Shea is into reading.

Big time!

She will pull up a chair (or two)......

And have at it.

She is so proud of herself.

And so am I my darling.


  1. Catching up on the last few posts here... YAY for Shea. Reading is the best summer sport, if you ask me and my girls :)

    And LOVE that nursery. So creative and ingenious. You can see the love that went into it!

    How's it feel to be a Grandma? What will you be called? Mimi? Meemaw? Grammy? Granny? :) teee heee - you are seriously way too sassy and cute to be a GRANDMA already :)

  2. My girls love reading too! Good for Shea!!!!

  3. It is so cute when kids get so into reading that any old spot will do. :)