Thursday, July 19, 2012

Look what I did!

I was so incredibly excited.....

Not only was I one of Faith's birthing coaches,

I was asked to cut little Archer's umbilical cord.

Of course,  Jon was offered to do this first.....

He, however,  wanted nothing to do with it respectfully declined.

I was completely thrilled.....

By it all!


  1. Chris...
    The expression you have is hilarious! The concentration....the smile...the gidiness!
    What a sweet, sweet moment! I'm glad you were there to "save the day and cut away"! (This heat is getting to me; sorry for the bad rhyming!)

  2. Wow! Congrats!!! That is wonderful.

  3. How incredible!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of grandchildren! There's just no much sweeter in this world than a baby grandson!!!!