Wednesday, April 27, 2011

With a little help from my friends....

Faith and I got a little behind on things for her wedding....

The girl is getting married on Saturday.  Yikes!

Still have lots to do!

I called on my friends for a little help.

Friends.  What would you do without them?

We needed help assembling a bunch of  tiny boxes. (161 tiny boxes to be exact.)
Filling them with some candy.
Putting a black ribbon around each and every one of them.
Then putting the name and table number card thingy on as well.

Faith decided to use the favor boxes as seating placements also.  Double duty. Smart girl!

We also had to put together the wedding programs.

I became a little panic stricken wondering how we could get this all done by Thursday.

That's when I called on my friends.

They came over in full force.

I told them I would have food & drink.  (That probably helped.)

We got it all done!

That night!

In only a few hours!

We even got the kids to help.


Gotta love 'em!!


  1. They are adorable! How blessed you are to have such helpful friends :)

  2. Friends and family...praising the LORD for them!!!

  3. And of course you know if we lived closer, I would have been there helping with everything! Wish I could be there more for my big sister. Im looking forward to the wedding and good times with family!!
    Love your lil Sister

  4. Those are cute! You know, it seems to be the trend because when I got married, our colors were black and ivory and so many other peoples I've seen have been too