Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Faith}

Sunday Snapshot

about 20 years ago!

How did this little stinker grow up? And so fast?

To think this little girl is getting married in 12 days!!

It really seems like yesterday.....

How quickly the yesterdays become today....

And, somehow my little girl has grown into a woman.

Deep sigh!!!

For real.  How does this happen??

Just for kicks....and possibly some giggles.

How about this blast from the past?

Celebrating Faith's first birthday.
October 29, 1990.
My husband had hair.
I had the 90's hair, and glasses, and jeans!  Yikes!
Oh, how young we all were!


  1. LOL Chris! I am LOVING the light denim washed jeans with the bottoms rolled up! What the heck were we thinking? And let's not even talk about the fluorescent fad that I'm sure we all also participated in. Congrats to your baby girl! Pretty soon words like BX, Commissary, PCS, TDY and on-post housing will be coming out of her mouth! It's a great life!

  2. What a fun look back - and don't worry, we all had that 90's hair and those jeans. Oh, those jeans :)

    Been thinking about you, wondering how the festivities are shaping up. Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  3. Beautiful Chris! I love it! The years go by too fast for me too.

  4. Aw! It does happen way too fast and you look far too young to have a daughter who is getting married!!! LOVE the last pic! I had the hair and the jeans too:) LOL!

  5. wow, you guys WERE hot :) ha, ha!!!! Notice, I am not exactly offer up my OWN 90s shot!! lol!! Faith was such a sweet little girl! Her dance outfits! oh my!! And now?? She's becoming a WIFE! Be.Still.My.Heart!!!!

  6. I had worse glasses & jeans. My defense is this, the 90s were a recovery period for the 80s. You can't bounce back from that overnight.

    Loving the green outfit.