Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Grandma Diane}

Sunday Snapshot

Grandmas.....gotta love 'em!  :)

when one certain grandma...
makes a three hour trip to be a part of Grandparent's Day at her granddaughters' school!!!!

Grandma Diane was able to see a class science project.

Not really sure what is was......
But, Avery wanted to make sure Grandma saw it.

Grandma was also able to watch Avery sing a special song just for Grandparent's Day.

Then a quick run to see Shea....
(poor Grandma.....she had  to keep going back & forth between the girls' classrooms....)

Recite her "S" poem.

And 'break a move'....

It was a busy & fun morning filled with snacks, tours, and LOTS of songs!!!!

The girls were thrilled to have their grandma at this special event.

Oh, how they love her!!!

Thanks, Mom!  I love you, too!


  1. Special days! Our grandparents day is Friday -- hope it's as much fun as yours!

  2. Clear to see that they know they are LOVED by their grandma!

  3. Oh Grandma you are a blessing! May God richly bless you as you have blessed these little girls!