Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cuteness X Two

Y'all thought I was talking about Shea & Avery. :)

They are cute....(wink, wink)...most definitely.

But I am talking about two other cutie-patooties.

Our brand new arrivals at An Orphan's Wish.

Just look at them!


Meet Daniel.  He has bilateral clubfoot.  He is about 16 months old.  He needs three more sponsors.
Could you be one of them??

Meet LMR.
This little peanut also has bilateral clubfoot.  She is about 16 months old.  She, too, needs three more well as a Western name!  If you are her next sponsor, you get to chose her name!  Kinda cool.

A quick summary about An Orphan's Wish.....
Founded in 2008.
Staffed by volunteers.
Committed to the caring for some of the orphans in China with special needs.
Located in Guilin where the children reside at the House of Love.

Monthly sponsorships are $35.
Sponsors receive monthly updates and reports on their child and their child's specific unit of care.

I have been honored and blessed to be volunteering for An Orphan's Wish for over a year.
I have seen these precious children grow and thrive as they receive the excellent medical, physical, and emotional care they so desperately need....and deserve!
These children are well-loved!  No doubt about it.

We also advocate for these children to find loving adoptive homes.

We strive to use every donation for the benefit of every single child in our care.

Your sponsorship does so very much to provide for these children in every possible way!

Trust me, I have seen remarkable progress for these children.
These children blossom!  They are happy!  They have beautiful smiles! They play and laugh!
They are in a word - amazing!

I have also seen many of these children find their forever homes through adoption!  Talk about incredible!!!  Wow!

Ready to be a part of this????

To become a sponsor for Daniel, click below:

To become a sponsor for LMR (and possibly get to name her), click below:

To learn more about An Ophan's Wish go to .

If you have any questions whatsoever, email me at :


  1. I wish i could sponsor so bad!! I'd be able to do it for like 2 months only though ):
    I'm still waiting to hear back from a job application for a interview, if i get the job, i'm totally going to sponsor one of these cute kiddos!