Saturday, July 31, 2010

More shots, princess wand, some sweet love, and cupcakes!

On Tuesday of this past week, Avery received (yet) more shots and a second TB test!!!

Not fun people, I tell ya....NOT FUN!!!

This time, I left Shea at home with need to have two traumatized little girls at the medical clinic!
Remember this????

All the way to the clinic Avery kept saying:

"Momma, I not like shots!"
"Momma, I not like nurses!" *We are not anti-nurse in this family!  Thank you for all you do!
"Shots are dumb! Huh!"

Can you say Shea reincarnated????? Big sisters definitely have a profound effect on their little sisters!

As soon as the nurse walked into the room, Avery started to wail!  Like big time! Like Niagara Falls!!! High pitch and all!

Poor nurse! She was new to us, and seemed slightly startled. Really.

I quickly explained to her why I thought Avery is so desperately afraid of shots....

A combination of Shea & her anxieties about shots
Avery's experience at the clinic on Shamian Island.....need I say more???

Y'all know what I am talking about.

Nothing like meeting your child for the first time than within days (for us it was three days later), your {new} child 'needs' to get his/her immunizations. Talk about traumatizing! How do you prepare your child for this? I couldn't speak her language.  She doesn't really know me or trust me.  It was rough...I'm not gonna lie!
Avery screamed, she kicked, she cried out to her China was all very heart breaking!

So here are again....doing the shot thing!
(Oh my! I guess I did say 'more'!)

Our sweet nurse, listened compassionately and said she would be right back....with some help!

Avery immediately stopped crying.  I was wishing for a towel to dry us off!!! I mean this girl can cry!!!

A few minutes later, two nurses entered....the screaming crying began.....ummm, just to clarify, it was Avery who was crying. Although at this point, I wanted to cry right along with her.....especially since now Avery was crying out for me to help her....six months ago, she was crying out to her nanny (China momma) for help.....sigh.

The nurses were so quick and efficient!

Second nurse left rather quickly after the deed was done. (Don't blame her!)

First nurse/new nurse, who seemed affected by our little visit, quickly dismissed the whole sticker routine....and took us to a room that housed a real treasure was huge and wooden and had a shiny latch and everything. I was impressed....Avery, not so much!

When the box was opened, it displayed a wonderful variety of 'really good stuff'!

Avery wanted!!!

Oh, how the sweet nurse tried & tried to find something that would appease her!

Finally, at the very bottom of the box, under all the 'really good stuff', Avery spied a Princess Wand!!! Perfect for my princessy girl. Plus, it had a purple jewel and even lit up!

Score!!!  Big smile!!! Success!!

And, the first thing this little darling says:

"Can Shea have one, too?"

Talk about melting this momma's heart!!!

I hugged my sweet girl and told her that  Shea would earn get her own Princess Wand the next time she needed shots. (Can't wait for that visit!)

As we were driving home, I asked Avery if we should stop for some cupcakes. (This has got to be her very favorite food!!) Of course, she thought it was a great idea!

Me too!


  1. Glad you survived the ordeal. Mercy...the things we have to go through with our babies. What treat did Momma get for her trauma??

  2. Awwww, bless her little heart!! A princess wand and cupcakes certainly must take a bit of the sting away! Glad that's over for both of you!!

  3. Our pediatrician has a treasure box, too! It's so cool! And I'm a sucker for ice cream afterwards. :)

  4. Tara,

    I wanna follow your blog!!! I must have been out of town when you went private!

    Should I email you? Or you can email me:

    Would love to catch up with what is going on in your life!!!

  5. awwww, poor baby! Many years ago, my daughter, at age 5, kicked the nurse during her shots. Also, I had to get a tetanus booster on last Monday. I feel her pain. I'm glad they found her a princess wand and that she got cupcakes. I know that would have made me feel better. LOL

  6. Those doctor visits can be tough, especially on mommy's.
    Thank goodness for treasure chests and cupcakes.

    She is a sweet little darling!!